Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thank you and have a good one!

Last couple of days has been great. Newcastle caught our attention as always just like Cat caught "crabs" on Tyne.
Glasgow was hot in every way the word describes it. Big thanks to SixxBitch, Oggbat & Co for bringing us Haggis and whiskey.
We're back in London right now waiting to board the plane.
A special thanks goes out to our fellow friends in SYBREED, you guys were amazing to tour with. Love you all!


Laura said...

Have a safe trip back :)
Can't wait to see you again!

Magda said...

amazing shows in UK, guys!
hope to see you soon :))

caseyy(: said...

aww im so glad you a nice time skinny(: hope you have a safe trip back and tell the rest i said hi :D

<3 u

Sapphire Eyes said...

Hope you have a safe trip home and return to us soon! Myself and two friends plan on attending EVERY night next time :) You guys were amazing.

Thank you for the pictures... and hugs... and autographs...and Thank you to Cat for the picks.

Again have a safe trip home!

Mrs_Death said...

Hope you had a safe trip back. You were awesome in Glasgow, and thanks for being such a sport signing stuff and taking pics with the fans. Mady my year;)

Xin Ying said...

Thanks for the wonderful show :) . Best day of my life. Hopefully you guys will come to Malaysia too soon as I will be moving there in a couple of weeks >_<;;; .

Sarah said...

hi, skinny!! im glad you had fun!! :)

Sorryll said...

Thanks for the awesome shows in London and Liverpool! I'm sending much virtual love to you all including Oscar who was absolutely lovely and also to Sybreed who were incredible. <3 All the early mornings and lugging platform boots covered in glitter halfway up the country was worth every second.

Alex said...

I was there nightmare and me had a long chat he gave me hugs.
I looked for you but had to leave when it was over as i was expected back by my wench