Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The scene of the crime

Back to the scene of the crime... the Mosebacke terrace. 
Our guitar-tech Anders came by and claimed he was thirsty. DaKe called to check on me, it took him less then 5 minutes until he showed up with a pitcher of beer at our table.
Later Anders from Unleashed and his friend Stuart showed up. A few hours in the sun, some pitchers later we started our little rendezvous. Met up with more friends at "Göta Ark", had a meal at Burger King, a quick beer at Il Tempo and then off to Debaser slussen. There was some sort of kick-off for the Gothenburg festival Metaltown with Sonic Syndicate on stage and some other band I just heard 2 songs of. It was just after 8 o clock and I started feeling tipsy already (not anywhere near how drunk Anders was... hehe). Watched most of the Sonic Syndicate show and I thought they were pretty good, not my music at all but tight and good songs.
I met my friend Frasse Haraldsen who had put me on the guestlist this evening and he provided me with beertickets, no reason to object ;-)
Around 10 o clock I actually decided it was time to leave, really strange for being me but it happens.
I thank myself today for that decision since it was laundry and cleaning day.
Almost done with the cleaning, I've had my coffee and all I gotta do now is wait for my sweet Jeanette to show up tonight, *piano*

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Aouch!! My head hurts like hell today.
Yesterday was the sneak premier opening of the Mosebacke terrace. My little brother Olle and my friend David (DJ DaKe) Isberg came by and made sure my glass wasn't empty.
When the sun disappeared behind the house we headed for a moving in party at a friends house where I once again found out that Guitar Hero is just a stupid game for none-musicians ;-)
Me and Olle went back to Mosebacke where Loveman had their releaseparty, we got suitably wasted and I left for even more drinks at Harry B James... please fill in the rest someone!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Trash Fest, Helsinki

I spent this weekend in Helsinki, invited to DJ @ Mama Trash Festival.
I came to my hotel around 2 o clock on friday afternoon, with the room-number signed by the devil himself. I had a quick shower before diving into the minibar and then off to the party.
I got to the venue around 6 o clock and after a lot of saying "hi, nice to see you again", I decided to take a powernap during Sexy Death's soundcheck. At 8 o clock it was time for me and Acey Slade to have a little "Meet & Greet" with our lovely fans. 
Friday nights line-up was: 
Violent Divine
Sexy Death
Icon Trash
Private Line
The night passed without any big scandals and I decided to go home before anyone had a chance to mention the magic word "afterparty".

I woke up at 9:45 AM eager to try the hotel breakfast. I ate three big plates (yes, even I eat sometimes) and then I went up to the room for more hugging the pillow. I woke up again at 4:00 PM with a pounding headache determined to find a supermarket so that I could get me some beers. I met up with my friends from Austria for some drinks before it was time to head back to the scene of the crime.
I was the first one out to DJ this night so that I could focus on more important things later ;-) Like the prvious night I was mostly hanging out with Acey Slade and Jussi from 69 Eyes. Later during the evening the rest of the Eyes showed up, John Wayne came by for a quickie and Andy McCoy from Hanoi Rocks made a clear notice of that he still can party like no one else.
Saturday nights line-up was:
Vanity Beach
Stereo Junks
Dope Stars Inc
Gemini Five
and of course the Mama Trash All Star Band
The night ended in happyness and I managed to rumble back to the hotel around 3:00 AM.
Yet a successful weekend in the life of Skinny dinny doo.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Hellacopters Releaseparty

Yesterday I fell under the influence of alcohol again together with my partner in crime Damon Zurawski. During the night Pernilla Andersson performed Hellacopters songs with just a piano. As always it was great success.

Later during the evening my love also decided to show up for only 8 hours before traveling back to Oslo.
We shared a cab out to the airport since I anyhow was going to Helsinki in Finland to DJ @ Trashfest.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My first blog post

I now declare my blog as officially open.
I really hope I can be a good boy and keep it updated.