Saturday, June 5, 2010


After too many hours of traveling we just made it home, safe and sound to the swedish summer in Stockholm. We have very mixed feelings since we had such a wonderful trip but it still feels good to be home again. Thanks to everyone we met for making this journey a memory worth it's flighthours in gold.


PatrĂ­cia Cardoso said...

Hey Skinny!
What a beautiful view! Traveling and experiencing other cultures is always amazing, but there is no better place in the world than home.

I'm glad to know that you made a safe trip to Stockholm.

Once again I must thank you about the beautiful concert in Brazil!

Carol said...

Hi, Skinny!
It's a beautiful sight, soon be seen in Sweden for them.
Hope to see you very soon darling, I love you. Come back soon saw a lad?
On his return to Brazil ings and discussed a surprise you made for me, wait ...
Anyway, I'm happy that the trip back home was quiet.
Kisses my dear, have a great weekend.

And it is worth noting, you guys did a great show in Brazil. I just loved ...

Kisses love

Madie said...

I want to meet Stockholm! It is so nice to know that you liked here, and all South America!
I hope to see Deathstars in Ireland! Or in Sweden hahahaha

Have a nice weekend and great concerts!

Anonymous said...

Skinny, are married or commited now? ;)

Joyce F. said...

Get back to Brazil as soon as possible!
The Deathstars fans are waiting!

Anonymous said...

Stockholm is nice. And whole Sweden is. I just came back from there, but Week wasn't enough...Enjoy your beautiful home x)