Friday, June 18, 2010

Deathstars invades the UK to collect DVD-material

In the middle of the ongoing festivalsummer, Deathstars have decided to go to UK for five clubshows to collects some material for a future DVD. Since England has been passionated playground for the pioneers of deadly rock for several years now, we want to have that typical brittish rock club-element and unique feeling as a part of the release. We just hope that you all turn up with your special Deathstars-outfits and have a great time together with the band. The boys will also be out partying after each and every show together with the crowd.

Saturday, June, 19th: O2 Academy Islington, London
Sunday, June, 20th: O2 Academy, Birmingham
Monday, June, 21st: O2 Academy, Liverpool
Tuesday, June 22nd: O2 Academy, Newcastle
Wednesday, June 23rd: O2 ABC, Glasgow

See you soon! Darkness über Britain.



DaKe said...

and the infamous DaKe is coming too... (only London and Brum)...

Agent D said...

aaaah :C I am soo envy for the british fans right now...have a great party, and I hope you'll come back in the middle of Europe soon ;) !

inhfsa said...

lucky british!
what about Russia?? :(

The Alice said...

SO excited.
see you soon :-)

Sorryll said...

Exciting! Good I got an outfit planned in advance, huh? See you in London...tomorrow. Eep!


Anonymous said...

This has got me even more excited for tomorrow!!
See you lot in Laaahhnddaaaahhnnnn!!!

Anonymous said...

wahooo :D
I can't wait to see u guys tomorrow and sunday! :D
♥ xxx (hev)

caseyy(: said...

that sound like a lot of fun skinny. i wish i was there ): hope you and others have a blast!

<3 u

Anonymous said...

NOOOOO!! I couldn't make Saturday, and I've given away my ticket D: I'm so pissed off!!

Purr said...

we deserve it!!

Anonymous said...

Got my tickets for the 19th :) Can't wait to see you guys again :)


Madeleine Cecily said...

great! see you in Birmingham on Sunday, guys!! <3

Agnes said...

oh noooo, I'll be in Newcastle just one week later.....then I'll just miss you :(
anyway have a fab time in UK!!!

AbsintheAntoinette said...

Bit late, but i was there *waves english flag for no reason* Best London gig i have ever been to. When your back in the UK do let me know, would not wish to miss seeing you wonderful Swedish boys again...Keep on rocking Skinny, *does devil horns*

Signed, Absinthe Antoinette