Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hoffmaestro & Petter

Tonight I was doing some honest working.
Hoffmaestro & Petter was performing on the terrace of Mosebacke and I was doing monitors.
Beautiful evening and it was a sold out show.

Tomorrow I'm back in the studio to record the last bits of the new album.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


On Friday Jeanette came and gave me an early birthday gift.
In 3 weeks we're going to Sharm el Sheik in Egypt. We'll stay for one week at the Dreams Beach Resort and EVERYTHING is included. I can't believe it. It's the best birthday gift I've ever got.

On Saturday we enjoyed ourselves with roller coasters, ice cream and beer at Gröna Lund. Later in the evening we met up with Whip for some serious partying at ROCKS.

After a long nights sleep we went to Gröndal to relax on the cliffs by the water. After 6 hours in the sun we had a pretty good dinner at a local restaurant.

On Monday evening we went for a wonderful dinner at Koh Phangang. After dessert and coffee we stumbled down to Vampire Lounge to meet up With Whip, Elin and Per and since the time passed midnight the celebration began.

Today I haven't done anything useful at all and I think I'll keep it like that. I'm just gonna lie in my couch and dream of Egypt.

Thanks to everyone that has sent me congratulations! 

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Bums

Me and Whip went down to the beach today after the gym.
Weird enough we managed to pull off almost the same pose.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunday = Funday

On Sunday me and Whip went to see Pernilla Andersson play at Akkurat.
I only got to see the first set but it was really good as always.
Then I went up to do some work at Mosebacke where "Into the Sun" and the french band "Sheraff" were playing.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Today we took a trip to Ingmarsö, an island in the archipelago of Stockholm where I partly grew up. 
I haven't been there since 1987 but it looked almost the same and I was surprised to see that I remembered so much. 
I got to see the school I went to in first grade. We were only 2 in my class and a total of 12 students in the whole school. We also went to see the house we built from scratch. 
Sun was shining and the ice cream was tasty so it was an amazing day.

Skinny & Lucky

Brother, Mom, Nina & Lucky

My School

Our house


Monday, July 14, 2008

Last night!

So it's my last night in Oslo. I've had a great vacation and I can't wait to come back.

BUT... it's not so funny to wake up and see this:

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Norway Rockfestival

I've had my share of camping and tents this summer so I was really happy that we could stay in "Gamlehuset" this festival. It's actually the oldest house in the valley, not less than 400 years old.
After installing ourselves in the house and making sure not too many bugs was gonna bug Helena we opened up the bottle to say cheers for a cheerio time.

The only band I 
REALLY wanted to see this festival was of course Hayseed Dixie and they were the first band we saw.
 Unfortunately we didn't count on standing in line for 20 minutes to get in to the festival area so we missed the start of the show but made it in time for "Ace of Spades"... everything well so far.
But since it's a rock festival it HAS to rain, a lot.

So we headed back to the house to change clothes, drink some beer and wait for the weather to get better.
It was a little bit to comfortable so we got stuck the rest of the night.

On Friday I started off a little bit too fast, thought I was indestructible. 
Everything was great during the "Pain" and "Volbeat" concert but then we sat down for a couple of cold ones in "Vebua Bar Camp". Actually I was in "Attention" mood, dancing and I fell thru the wall of the party tent. I managed to fix the wall with the strap from my backstage pass and a lot of will.

I told the others that I should just go back to the house for a powernap... some power heh? I woke up around noon on Saturday.

So after 16 hours of sleep I felt quite okay despite the feeling of being a tiny bit idiotic for missing out on almost the whole previous night.
Around 2 PM we get the news that 2 people died on the festival and another 8 or 10 were on their way to the hospital. They stopped the concerts and the festival was endangered.
When they finally announced that they could put the bands back on stage again we went to to watch "The Quireboys" who did a great show considering the mellow mood around the festival.

We watched a bit of "WE" and "Soilwork", passed the "Vebua Bar Camp" a couple of times and then I was tired again. Jeanette had to convince me to stay and she made it. We watched the "Motorhead" show from the FoH tower thanks to my friend Sjöland that does the lights for them.
Then we found out that the "Turbonegro" show was cancelled so we got back to the house to find Vidar suitably drunk on the couch. We sat down and listened to some music before going to bed.

After cleaning up the house on Sunday we drove back to Flekkefjord to repack our suitcase, have a shower before going back to Oslo.
It felt really sad to leave this beautiful place behind, I'm really gonna miss everyone.

R.I.P. Anita Wathne and Terje Bueland

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Late on Monday night we got on the train bound for Sire, with the final destination Flekkefjord.
It was a long ride from Oslo and I had troubles to sleep while traveling through the beautiful landscapes of southern Norway.
When we finally got off the train Doris and Janne came to pick us up. Despite my tired eyes I couldn't believe what I saw during the 20 minute ride back to the house, amazing country!!!

After breakfast we took the opportunity to have a well deserved nap.
When we woke up again we had a long bath and then some Bailys & Coffee before going out to meet Kristin & Stig @ Hestens.
They had a bit of a lead on us so we did our best to keep up with them.
Eventually another personality of mine showed up, we all know him as Skinny Bin Laden but this night he had more of a pirate thing going.

On Wednesday I was fortunate to get a proper sightseeing around this beautiful city. Jeanette also reminded me how to fish crabs.

When we got back the grill was already lit up and it was time for barbeque in the afternoon sun.
After eating we decided to digest the food with some Playstation 2 games before going to bed.

Thursday, today we're leaving for Kvinnesdal to attend the Norway Rockfestival...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Arvika Festival

Me and Jeanette took the train to Arvika on Saturday morning in company of Helena. After a two hour train ride from Oslo we installed ourselves at the nearest bar to wait for Whiplasher.
With the help of Helenas friend Jannika we made it to "Olssons Brygga" where Bone and Erica joined up.
Bone was jealous and wanted to have a beer as well so he drove us to the festival area, parked his car and we walked straight into the "Party Backstage".
At first the weather was really nice and hot but all of a sudden the sky turned black and we made it into the beer tent for shelter. 20 minutes passed and the benches, couches and tables were literary floating around the area.

When the weather calmed down a bit it was time to head for the dressing room to put on make-up and set up the PARTY-speakers with the PARTY-playlist in the PARTY-IPod.

Quite exhausted after the show it took me about 1 1/2 hour to move my ass out of the dressing room down to the backstage bar. Apparently an old personality of mine came along to party, we all know him as "Attentione".

Around 1 AM it was time to retire back to the "hotel".

Got out of the room about 11 in the morning discovering that Whip has been out all night trying to find the hotel after a midnight swim in the lake.
Took a cab to find some food, unfortunately the pizza place was closed and we ended up with some sort of asian buffet.

After saying goodbye to the band and crew me and Jeanette had almost 5 hours to kill before taking the train back to Oslo.
Professionals as we are we stepped right into the biggest party in town this Sunday afternoon. It was a really small pub but there was a lot of happy originals with acoustic guitar, Elvis in the speakers and a very hospitable vibe. It didn't take more than 15 minutes before I was forced to play a song on the guitar. I decided to play Oasis, Wonderwall and it was a massive success :)
We weren't allowed to buy our own beers, they spent every dime on us. Our favorite among all the originals in this pub was Samsung, he was a 68 year old Strongman who as recent as last year managed a powerlift of 425 kilos.

After a sentimental goodbye we headed down for our train home, fell asleep immediately and woke up when we rolled in to Oslo.

A big thanks to Vagge and Merlin (our crew) who did a great job this festival.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Spa Jeanette

It's not easy to remain young and beautiful.
But with a facial mask and manicure I'll be forever young... I wanna be,  forever young... la lala!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


On Tuesday I took the train to Oslo. It was packed with 100's of youngsters on their way to the Arvika festival. Fortunately I don't have to go there before Saturday.
When I just passed the norwegian border Whip calls me and says that we have to run the Stockholm Half-Marathon, after a minute of consideration I say yes and now it's official.
Imagine this guy in running shoes!!!

Well it should go great since I'm still off the cigarettes and I'm at the gym every 2nd day.
Now back to the vacation with the exception of Saturday when we're playing the Arvika Festival.