Thursday, June 3, 2010

I found Jesus

As many other rock musicians I've found Jesus. Just that I didn't find him spiritually but on my arm this night.
After a long walk on Copacabana Beach and a trip to downtown Rio we stumbled across a well known sign that said "House of Pain" I immediately got the urge for pain.
Well in there we found a very friendly staff who said that they'll definitely make time for me.
We had some problems understanding each other but after a while we were all on the same page.
I said I wanted something that represented Rio so we decided a half naked girl, Copacabana Beach, palm trees, an exclusive drink and of course Cristo Redentor would set the stage for this postcard translated to my arm.

BIG KUDOS to Beto Cruz and the others at House of Pain in Rio de Janeiro for taking such good care of us.



Sthefany said...

We get very nice your tattoo.
I am proud to see his tattoo representing my country
= D
Thank you for being such a nice person!

Anonymous said...

skinny is a lovely person
cool tattoo ♥

Madie said...

Man, I believe that all brazilian people are very flattered now, well, I am! Anyway, I'm from São Paulo, I have some relatives in Rio, and I'm really happy that you made this tattoo, and the guys from the tattoo studio were very nice found a time for you. Well, THANK YOU FOR COMMING (again!). I hope to see you soon (again!²), sorry about my english and I hope you are feeling better (I truly believe that you are, or you wouldn't had some caipirinhas, hahaha)

SarahKay said...

-Amazing. (: As always.

Patrícia Cardoso said...

I'm so proud and happy for your new tattoo. It's so beautiful.
It's an honor to know that you have a postcard of my city on your arm. That makes me believe that you will always remember us.
My admiration for you has only grown.

Thanks for being so special!

Psychobunny said...

Wow, that looks very cool. Amazing piece of work, me likes!

Rodrigo said...

MAN! That's really beautiful! I really, REALLY hope that you come again to Brazil sometimes, to visit and to play for us! You are amazing! Miss the time we had with Deathstars already! :(

kazofblood said...

wow nice love it man now i feel so behind so need to get my first tatt. TT.TT

Carol said...

Hey, I'm cool your new tattoo. I hope this is a sign that you return soon, would be a pleasure to welcome them again ... This shows how much you liked Brazil, there is Skinny? I'm happy with that. But now I'll take that attack a fan who always give hehehe. I love you, you are wonderful, cool, fantastic, amazing, nice ... Dear words are few nearby than you really are.
I paid a pretty dick but fuck it. =D

I love you baby
kiss: *

caseyy(: said...

WOW! that's an amazing tattoo! very nicee. ♥♥♥

Joyce F. said...

This tattoo means only one thing:

That you enjoy Brazil and you will come back very soon.

The brazilian fans are very flattered.



Joyce F. said...

Well, now that you are almost a brazilian, I'm sure that you will understand this words or at least part of them:

Os fãs brasileiros estão muito felizes com a presença do Deathstars no nosso pais por tantos dias.
Foi um imenso prazer recebê-los aqui e assitir ao show que foi absolutamente perfeito.
Espero que tenham sido bem tratados por todos daqui e espero mais ainda que voltem logo para fazer mais shows.
Muito obrigada pelas fotos, autógrafos, apertos de mão e todo o carinho que tiveram com os fâs.

Voltem logo por favor!

Amo vocês.