Friday, June 4, 2010

Skinny goes loco in Rio


Nefasta said...

The guy you're the best! Loved the Video, drinking a Skol, mando well.
I really enjoyed Skinny. Beijoss
Uma cerveja por favor!

Carol said...

Hola Loco!

I'm glad you enjoyed the tour throughout Latin America, is that we have to thank for loving you with all the fans, sympathy, patience. in short, everything!
We hope to see you soon darling, we're glad you're better ... The Brazilian fans expect you again!
We love you, wish you every success in the world ...
I love you baby!
Passed four days of the show you did in Brazil, and it seems that it's been months ...
But in the end.
I hope you return soon, is what I want most.

Thank you for the patience, love you baby

Kisses :*

The Alice said...

best. tattoo-getting face. EVER.

Kyandee Horikku said...

hej skinny! i loved your video :) Rio is beautiful (even though i'm from Buenos Aires) i had so many memories there!
i was so happy when i saw the pic of the concert here! i hope you enjoyed BA as well and i hope you come back soon or at least with more time to see the city, you would love it :)
See ya'!

Patrícia Cardoso said...

I loved the video!
It's amazing to see you in places that, somehow, are part of my daily life.

I hope you enjoyed the places you visited. You should visit us during the summer, Rio de Janeiro is much more beautiful in the summer :)

caseyy(: said...

that. was. so. AWESOME!!!! and you were wearing high top converse! ^_^

Jen said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your stay here in Brazil! You guys were really great in your concert. And it was so nice of you to play, even feeling ill. I agree with one of the previous posts, you should visit us again in summer!

I'll be waiting for you in your next Latin America tour!

Muitas cervejas para você!

Madz said...

I really want you to come back soon.
And it great to see That you liked Brazil, we'll open arms (like the Christ) to get you back.
See you Skinny!
and next, I'll want a photo with you.

kisses louco

Bruna said...

You're aways welcome in Brazil! Please come back soon with one more incredible concert!!
Love your video in Rio and your new tattoo! xD

Hope your enjoyed your stay in Hell de Janeiro! LOL

Kisses and "muitas cervejas para você!"

Dani Cunha said...

Thank you come ...
Brazil needs to come back from people like you ...
you are 10 ...

kcitten said...

now you have to come more north east to new york city! >_< i want to go see you guys! deathstars is the best band ever! =D

- Đante Rod. said...

I have to thank for the fantastic show here in Brazil
You and other members of deathstars had a great performace!
Passed 1 months and little of the show you did in Brazil
I hope yours returning soon and next, I'll want a photo with you.
Thank you very much

São Paulo Dies Hard!
A big hug Skinny Disco!