Saturday, May 31, 2008


Like I didn't feel dead enough it was time to let the little rabbit move along to another purgatory.
We started off with a pre-party for the KISS show. Because of the nice weather people stood in the doorway to make sure they heard the songs coming out of the speakers and to let the sun burn their sensitive rock n' roll skin. At 7:30 the cabs came rolling in and we headed down to Stadion to watch the show.
Me, Whip and Elin met up with Thomas to get our guestlist sorted and then we got in excited like never before.
It was a great opening with Deuce and Strutter, Paul Stanley was a role model for every human being like always but after 40 minutes the super-long solos started and I got really bored.

I took a cab back to Rabbit Fighter to make sure I wouldn't miss the first band "Östermalm".
It was already crowded and I was happy to see my mom with a friend and my cousin among the crowd. Around 11:30 PM Jeanette showed up after an 8-hour-way-too-hot train ride from Oslo. PARTY TIME!
We watched the rest of the bands which were "Steroids", "The Objects" and "Midnight Scraper".
All of a sudden time stoke 3:00 AM and the funeral was over.
A BIG thank you to everyone who's supported us through the years. All the bands, DJ's, guests and staff that has put up with us. We love you!

Me, Tommie (Revolution Riot) and Jeanette headed home to my place for some sort of after party. On our way home in the cab we came up with the great idea that Tommie should come with us to Oslo with the 8:30 train the same morning.
Jeanette fell asleep on the couch and Tommie on the balcony. I decided to stay awake to make sure we wouldn't miss the train... and we didn't :)
Here we come!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Shock me!

Another week of healthy behavior, at least the start of it.
After almost 3 hours of working out on Wednesday me and Whip ordered double portions of meat at our daily lunch restaurant Östgöta Källaren. 

Barely able to move we decided to walk downtown for some shopping. I found an ice cream, five ties, one pair of suspenders and a pair of jeans.

On Thursday afternoon me and Damon went to see the KISS-exhibition with paintings made by Nicke Andersson (Hellacopters), really nice stuff and not too expensive. 

Later I met up with Whip for a beer or two at his place. We went out to Stadion to meet up with our friend Thomas who's part of the KISS-crew. 
Pretty cool to stand on a stage that big, classic ground for someone like me that has seen many concerts there while growing up. We said goodbye to Thomas and headed for ROCKS where they had an In Flames after party. I crashed on Whiplashers couch at 6 in the morning.

Friday,  The big night! Why am I so hungover???
It's time to kill the rabbit. Last Rabbit Fighter ever!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Ice Cream, Love, P.A.R.T.Y. & Nintendo

On Friday at 10:10 PM Jeanette came to visit me. We decided to just go home and relax even though it was Friday and everyone was out. Lit some candles, cuddled up in the couch, ate some ice cream and listened to the new Opeth album (amazing album by the way).
Got up pretty early on Saturday and went out for some shopping. After a lot of walking and too much fresh city air we returned home for a power nap.
Woke up again at 7:00 PM, had a few glasses of white wine while getting ready for a decent party night. I had to pass Mosebacke to do some work, drink some beers and meet up with Hasse.
We picked up Whiplasher and Elin, got on the tube to see my old band Revolution Riot play at ROQ. 
Got suitably drunk and after the show we headed for ROCKS, don't think we were there very long.
I screamed at the cab driver for taking the wrong way home, passed out in the couch with a glass of wine in my hand. Proud moment ;-)
Woke up pretty hungover, watched a movie and came up with the splendid idea of playing some old school 8-bit Nintendo. After 4 hours of Super Mario 3 we headed for the train station, it was yet again time to part and say goodbye. Not so hard this time since we'll meet again on Friday.

A very good but odd week, thought I would have a much harder time staying away from the cigarettes.

Friday, May 23, 2008

It's not so hard

I had my last cigarette on Monday afternoon and it feels really good. Me and Whiplasher has been to the gym 4 days this week and I'm eating like never before. I wonder where this is gonna end. Maybe I have to change my name like Prince did... "Artist formerly known as Skinny"... hehe. 
On Tuesday I had my first beer in 9 days. Actually I had 6 pints,  I got insanely wasted and was home already at 10:30 PM.

After work on Wednesday I passed Damon at KGB, ate a massive pizza on our way home. He had to sleep at my place since we have so much to deal with before the grand finale of Rabbit Fighter on the 30th.

On Thursday we got a lot of posters up, had a couple of beers at Debaser, cleaning up at home and dyed my hair.

Monday, May 19, 2008

What happened?

Last week has been nothing but a drastic change in my life.
I got so sick and tired one day of paying 47 Swedish Kronor (about €5) for a pack of smoke so I decided to cut down on them fags. Since last sunday I have had not more than 2 cigarettes a day. A big difference from 1 1/2 pack when I'm sober and more than 2 packs when I'm drunk. Now I only get the urge for a smoke after eating. 
I've also stayed away from alcoholic beverages since last sunday. I've been going to the gym already 4 times the last week and I'm going there tomorrow, wednesday and hopefully friday too.
I feel newborn but tired in a weird way. I'm used to the feeling of not getting enough sleep because of staying out way too late but now I'm just exhausted from "normal" things. I gotta try this more often.
I even went to the "LaPuma" (best band from Stockholm) release party today drinking nothing but a coffee.
My goal is to continue this in a way. I can't say that I'll stay sober all the time cause that would be wrong but I will definitely skip the smokes totally and continue my exercising cause it makes me feel a lot better. 
Now when I've written it here I guess there is no going back.

I'm really looking forward to Friday when my sweet Jeanette finally comes to visit again, I guess I get to try the drinking without smoking thing then ;-)
Wish me luck!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Oslo Surprise

On Tuesday evening I decided to surprise Jeanette with an impulse visit.

Passed "Mosebacke" to set up everything for Wednesdays event. Sat down for a beer with Teddi the bar manager. He came up with the nice idea that I would bring a shot of J&D for his friend that works on Aker Brygge in Oslo. So he got the plastic foil and gave the poor shot glass a real good wrapping up.

We decided to visit our good friend Vladan "Grappa Horan" Gligorijevic at "Il Tempo" for a beer and a grappa.

At 9:30 PM I left the guys to their misery and headed downtown to catch the buss for Oslo.

Well on the bus I decided to watch a movie, "Streets of Fire" it was. First time I saw it and I from now on idolize Tom Cody the main character.  When the movie ended I found out that there was wireless internet on the bus, COOL!

I dozed off for a couple of hours and woke up 5:40 AM in Oslo. Walked up to my love and cuddled up beside her before she had to leave for work.

I woke up again around noon and walked out in the sun, passed my friend Kalle-Bus at "3 Brødre"... Actually I got stuck there for almost 4 hours drinking beer, reading the newspapers and getting seriously burnt in the sun.

Anette, Ingrid and Jeanette came by and we decided to buy some supplies and head off to Sofiebergs parken. 

Vibeke, Ulf, Helena and some other friends showed up in the park and it was really "koseligt". When it got too cold and we were out of beverages we went indoors to "Ryes" where me and Ulf hit the dance floor together. Where's the camcorders when you need them.

We continued to our local bar Elm Street. We didn't stay for long there since Kalle-Bus gave us the advice to go home, wonder why?

Thursday morning 9:00 AM! We found out the oven was on AGAIN, a bad habit we have to prove our cooking skills while being drunk and we fall asleep with the oven on.

Jeanette packed everything from the fridge in a backpack and we headed out for breakfast in a park. Not a cloud to be seen and the sun gazing on my poor pink skin. After a few hours in the sun we gave up and got back home for a power nap.

Woke up at 4:00 PM and walked down to Aker Brygge for a special J&D delivery. Our stomachs was screaming for dinner and we found a nice Asian Wok restaurant, ordered takeaway and sat down on a bench in the sun to eat.

We got home for a few hours of cuddling before it was time for me to jump back on the bus.

Here I am on the bus with another 5:30 hours until I'm back home again.

Part from the boring bus ride it was absolutely a well planned and successful journey.

Monday, May 5, 2008


On Wednesday night at 10 o clock the train rolled in from Oslo with a special cargo containing my sweet Jeanette. Wednesday night means that our friend Damon DJ's at KGB, wednesday night also means a very good day for beer drinking so we headed for our friends at "The

Committee of State Security". After an attempt of flying down the stairs we decided to take a cab in order to get home.

On Thursday we put all our effort in being lazy, not walk further than from the bed to the couch and back. Watching several movies and various tv-shows. Quality day!!!

Friday on the other hand was more like other days. After a few drinks at home and getting ready we headed home to Whiplasher to celebrate his birthday, drink some wine and listen to pure P.A.R.T.Y. classics. We headed down to Garlic & Shots to meet up with Jonna (Whips sister) and Damon. Restless as we are we decided to hit the town, two taxis to Riche for one beer, a walk up to Harry B James where we won the metal-quiz and Whip got thrown out. The remaining parts of the crew left for ROCKS. 

Damon got a Vodka/Redbull served in a massive Créme Fraiche bucket. Saturday morning munchies started of and we left ROCKS for a "Tunnbrörulle" at the grill.

My dad called me at 11:30 AM on Saturday eager to meet up for a brunch at Mosebacke. 

Several hours later we finally managed to leave the couch and meet up with him. I had some work to do so Jeanette and Papa had a couple of beers before I joined in. We decided to show Jeanette my dads favorite pub, Tudor Arms where he's been on and off for the last 40 years. 

We had a very nice dinner with beverages before a long walk back through town, sightseeing is very important.

Back at work Jeanette got to see her first Hip/Hop concert. When time stroke 1:00 AM we were really tired and took the tube home.

Woke up on sunday morning, watched Boondock Saints. Jeanette packed her stuff and we headed for TGI Fridays in Kungsträdgården where we met up with Whiplasher, Elin and Damon. They played a song with the lyrics "Sunday means funday" and we got the urge for Carlsberg. 3 pints later I walked Jeanette back to the train that would take her to the airport. After saying goodbye I headed back to the gang. Took a cab up to Mosebacke where DaKe had his Sunday Chunk-club. I put an end to the night by finishing my glass and taking the tube home. Thanks everyone for a partyful weekend!