Thursday, August 28, 2008

Egypt Video

Last Day in Paradise

We got up pretty early on Tuesday to pack our bags, get the last C-vitamines out of the sun and get the last B-vitamines out of the beer before it was time to head back to Oslo, Norway.

We never give up on traditions so after a quick burger at Oslo S we passed Elm Street for a beer to talk through the best vacation ever.

We were both free on Wednesday which was the best decision ever made. It would have been horrible to come back from holidays and straight back to work. We got online for the first time in 8 days, ate late lunch at "Politikern" and watched "Hero" & "Flying Daggers" on DVD before falling asleep.

Now I'm on the train, almost in Stockholm again. I've had the most relaxing and wonderful vacation ever. Finished 2 books (Jenna Jameson biography and Bukovski's "Pulp"). Tomorrow is rehearsal day and on Saturday we're playing Els Rock in Holland.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Old Market & Glass Boat

Woke up after a really good nights sleep and it was Sunday already. I decided to visit the gym again while Jeanette tried the water aerobics in the pool. We spent the rest of the day in and by the pool and after dinner we decided to go shopping in "The Old Market". Damn! I've never been called Bob Marley so many times in my entire life. It was crazy. Most people thought I was from Holland and screamed "Rasta", if I would have seen a hair saloon I would have cut off my dreads the same minute.

But we found a lot of cool stuff there for a very good price.

After 2 hours we were totally exhausted from saying "No thanks", "I'm from Sweden and she's from Norway", "Bob Marlely is Dead", "I don't want your camels" and finally "I'm from China can't you tell?". We jumped into a cab and got back to our room.

After breakfast on Monday we took trip with a so called Glass Boat. It was pretty cool at first to see all the fishes and corals through the floor but I got so annoyed by one of the guides that put on really loud music with speakers just screaming out treble. Finally we stopped and we jumped in for some snorkeling. The way back was really nice sitting on deck drinking a coke and watching the coastline of Sharm El Sheikh. When we got back it was only 12:30 PM and we had a whole day to just relax. In the evening we went to Grill House for dinner, very good food and service.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Love Boat

At first my head felt really heavy waking up and I thought it was gonna be tough to enjoy sunbathing and the rest of our daily procedures but in fact it was just what made me feel good again. A good book, "hair of the dog" and a refreshing swim among all the "nEMO"-looking fishes.

We had reserved a table at the "Love Boat" for the night, it was truly an experience. Really good food, service, atmosphere and entertainment. I even got to try out the belly dancing... hehe.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Routines & Naama-Bay

Friday started off like every other day. Sun lotion, breakfast, sun, swimming & snorkeling in the ocean, beer, sun, swimming, beer and pancakes, sun and so on until the afternoon came up on us and we went up to the pool for a last refreshing cool-off and a beer in the "Deep in Bar".

After dinner we decided to take a cab into Naama-Bay for a couple of drinks. Tourists like we are we first walked into Hard Rock Café for a couple of Heineken then we found a more traditional place called Zaza with over priced drinks but really qualitative entertainment like belly dancing, live music and some guy spinning round and round for one hour. I have a vague memory of showing the staff my Skinny bin Laden trick.

After crashing a salsa bottle in Pizza Hut we decided to call it a night and headed back to the hotel at 4:00 AM.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Getting settled

We got up pretty early on Wednesday morning and rushed down to the beach to nail a couple of sunbeds, left our towels there and went for breakfast.

We spent most of the day in the sun, snorkeling in the ocean, it was like a giant aquarium. In the evening we spoiled ourselves with a romantic Spa including Sauna, Steam Sauna, Jacuzzi, Wine & Fruit, Massage and a Facial mask. The treatment was called "Honeymoon".

Thursday was probably the most lazy day of them all except from that I went back to the Spa to have a go on their Gym for an hour. We were enjoying the sun to the fullest and cooling down in the ocean. Jeanette found the opportunity to get pedicure at the local beauty saloon while I had a beer in the bar writing post cards.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sharm El Sheikh via Oslo

I got on the train around noon. I was gonna change trains in Karlstad but we were delayed so I had to squeeze into a overheated and packed buss that would take us the last 200 K's.

I finally reached the capital of Rignes, met up with Jeanette and went to have a beer at Elm Street.

We woke up at 7:00 next morning, got on the train to the airport, had some breakfast before boarding the plane.

Well in Sharm el Sheikh we were almost the first ones in line for the customs and no hustle. Got out and then, BANG! That wasn't Jihad it has the heat that hit us like a frying pan in our foreheads.

Got on the well air conditioned bus that would take us to Dreams Beach Resort.

Driving us madly through this massive playground surrounded by castles of sand in shape of hotels and resorts the bus driver never let go of the horn.

The room was nice, quite big, clean and the air condition was really good.

We decided to walk around the resort, had a drink at the Beduin Café, ate dinner in the main restaurant and had a beer watching a guy singing love ballads "singback".

Monday, August 18, 2008

All packed up and ready to go

In a couple of hours I'm on the train for Oslo.
As mentioned earlier I got an all-inclusive trip to Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt with and from Jeanette.
And tomorrow the eagerly awaited vacation starts, the plane leaves Oslo 9:30 AM. 

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Under the weather?

Just because the summer left us in Stockholm doesn't mean you have to stay home and play with your navel.

On Monday my friend Matte "Driderit" Eliasson came to visit. We hung out at Mosebacke and finished off the night at Kelly's.

A long walk on Tuesday summed up the most important sightseeing. In the afternoon Matte went to see an old friend and I went to meet up with my sister with boyfriend and my mother with boyfriend at KGB. Mom and Erland left pretty early so I kidnapped the rest of the gang to show them Vampire Lounge, Koh Phangang and Pet Sounds Bar.

I met up with Matte again on Wednesday afternoon and we went down to the studio to contribute with some "Hey, hey!" choirs for the album. After that we went to see Backyard Babies at Skansen. Thanks to Dregen we got in for free and enjoyed the afternoon with beer in our hands. We didn't stay to watch Takida but went down to Tyrol where Backyard had their Release party for their new album. 
Yet a wet night helped out for not shining like the sun today.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Spoiled by Whip

I guess most people is back from their vacation cause yesterday the gym was packed. During the whole summer we've been almost the only ones there.
We gave up after an hour cause there wasn't room for us. Walking back home in the rain Whip came up with the great idea that he would make me dinner. And damn it was good. Entrecôte & Potato Salad... yum yum.
After coffee and chocolate we walked up to Mosebacke for a couple of beers.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bass Moi

On Thursday and Saturday I finished my bass lines on our upcoming album.
We're finishing the album in Future Legends Studio.