Monday, October 27, 2008

Video shoot

On Friday I woke up at 8 AM.
Hurried away for a meeting at Street before joining up with Bone, Nightmare and Whip at Mosebacke.
They explained Cat missed his train to Stockholm. This was an interesting start of this journey.
Even though flying with Bones "favorite" airline (JAT) we made it safe to Belgrade with just a minor balance problem.
While Whip and Nightmare were doing interviews I took the opportunity to take a nap in my room. When I woke up and stepped outside I met Cat who just arrived. He had been traveling from Karlstad to Copenhagen and then to Berlin before finally arriving at his final destination in Belgrade.
We managed to squeeze in some food and beer time before going to bed.

On Saturday we started shooting the video around noon and finished about 10 PM.
Feeling very good about our selves we got out clubbing until way too early on Sunday morning.

It was probably hard to wake me up and because of this we barely made it in time for the flight. 
Well on the plane I fell a sleep and woke up in Stockholm.
After collecting our luggage and passed the security I decided not to go home immediately. So I went up to departure hall and ordered a flight to Oslo.
3 hours later I met up with Jeanette at Gardemoen airport.
Much better than coming home to an empty apartment.
So after dinner at Sara's we bought some ice cream and got comfortable in front of the TV.
I got back to Stockholm today at 1:30 PM and went straight to Mosebacke.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Photoshoot with Steve Brown

Today has been really fun even though I only got three hours of sleep and it looked like the other guys didn't have much more either.
The clothes we got from Freya and Ogg was amazing. We got help with makeup from Petra who did a great job and Steve was so easy to work with.
I have a very good feeling that these pictures will come out wicked as hell.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


On Friday it was Ewelinas birthday and we just finished mixing and mastering the album so I joined up with a quite happy gang around 1 AM.
When the bar closed I insisted on more drinks so we went home to my place for Jim Beam & Coke and the wonderful splatter classic "Terror Firmer".

I got up around 2 PM and realized quickly that I had to be at KGB for our listening session in an hour.
About 20 journalists from all over Europe showed up but the bigger part of the Swedish press had better things to do (hmm).
After the listening session we went to Monks for dinner, very nice.
We finished the night at ROCKS and I was already home and in bed by 2 AM.

Luckily I didn't have too much to do today so I found my old Playstation 2 and got stuck with that for several hours.
Later tonight we'll meet up with Ogg and Freya who put down all they're free time to make us look good for the upcoming album. 

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Back in Oslo

I got to Oslo late on Thursday evening. After the usual beer at Elm Street we went home to bake cinnamon buns.
On Friday evening we had Helena and Dag over for buns & ice cream drinks... many hours later we stumbled down to Unholy with full stomachs to meet up with Kalle who's moving to Stockholm on Monday.
We stayed in almost the whole Saturday and I'm going home again this afternoon :(