Monday, June 30, 2008

Graspop & Noc Plna Hvězd

On Wednesday I managed to squeeze in 2 hours at the gym before going home in a hurry, pick up all the gear, pick up Whip and go to the rehearsal room to find out that everybody was late as usual.
Practice went fine so me, Bone and Cat went for a couple of cold ones (glasses) at Mosebacke. For once we didn't have that many and got home before 11 PM.

On Thursday after practice and work I met up with Whip for some cold ones (pitchers).
Got home and did the rest of the packing, burned my hand on some thai food and passed out.

Cat and Bone who slept over at my house struggled with waking me up on Friday, no wonder... it was 4:30 AM. Took a cab to Arlanda and passed out on the plane.

On Brussels airport we met up with our fellow crew David & SAS, got into a minivan who took us to the Graspop festival area. We were on at 4:30 PM so we had a couple of hours in the sun before make-up and entering the stage. After the show I managed to see Testament, Morbid Angel, Whitesnake and Judas Priest. 
We got back to the hotel around 2:00 AM but our shuttle was gonna pick us up at 4:00 AM so I decided not to sleep before entering the van. 
I managed to find every opportunity to sleep in the van, on the airport floor, on the plane, in the van and finally at the hotel when we reached Trinec (CZ). 

Well at the Noc Plna Hvězd Festival we found out that one of our favorite bands "Crystal Viper" were playing.
At 2:00 AM the van came to pick us up for yet another 5 hour drive to the airport.

Got to Mosebacke at 12:30 to do some work and then home for a 3 hour powernap.
My summary of this weekend is NOT ENOUGH SLEEP!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Festival Life

On Thursday me and Damon hit the train down to Hultsfred to DJ at the Hultsfred Festival.
Afters 1 hour of walking around and trying to find the right check-in desk we found out that they forgot to put us in their system.
Yet one hour later we finally got our wristbands and got to the artist camping to set up our two identical tents. Just to make sure we wouldn't mix them up we wrote our names on them, I found an opportunity to sign some other tents  while I was at it :-)

Hungry as hell we left for the festival area to eat and to find out that we wouldn't get any beer tickets valid for the backstage bar. Luckily our friends by the Jack Daniels display provided us with drinks and also a Jack Daniels tent.
11 PM it was time to start DJ'ing but unfortunately "Rage Against the Machine" was playing during our set and there wasn't many people there.
Woke up pretty late on Friday, both surprised we actually had a proper sleep in our tents. Sure some rain had leaked in and wet some of our clothes but that's what you gotta put up with if your stupid enough to stay in a tent hehe...

We hung out with friends during the afternoon and managed to see a few bands such as "Phoebe Killdeer & the Short Straws", "The Only Ones" and "The Hives".
11 PM it was time to hit the desks again. In company of the famous "Sebastien Tellier" and a crowded dance floor we had a fun night over all. I was really tired after our set and headed back to the tent for my beauty sleep.
Woke up around noon on Saturday and wasn't able to wake up Damon so I got me some breakfast before giving it another try. Apparently Damon came back from the party at 10 in the morning which explains the struggle of getting him up in time to make it to the train bound for Stockholm.

We made it home in several pieces, duct tape? glue? Ibuprofen?  anyone?!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hultsfred 08

Don't miss out on me when me and Damon are DJ'ing at Hultsfreds Festivalen on Thursday and Friday

Hanoi Rocks & The Other Flesh + Class Reunion

I got back home on Thursday afternoon, made it home for a quick shower, some food and then away to the "Hanoi Rocks" show. 
Damon opened up with his band "The Other Flesh" and I was DJ'ing with my friend Anders "Boba" Lindström.
 When we were out of beer and the venue closed I decided to go home and get some proper sleep.

Woke up pretty late on Friday and headed for the gym. Had to pass Mosebacke for some work and then home for a quick changeover.
This Friday was not only the national day of Sweden but also class reunion day. It's been 10 years since I graduated and we celebrated this at "Pet Sounds Bar". I usually don't have any contact with anyone of my old class but it was nice to see everyone after all this years.
When the bar closed I met up with Damon and we walked down to "ROCKS" for one last drink in company of DJ DaKe.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

MSR Summerparty

I managed to sleep not more than 2-3 hours on the train because of the terrible heat.
We arrived in Oslo about 3:00 PM I think, we had 3 pints and some food at Elm Street before going home and get ready for the night.
We met up with Helena, Ingrid and some other friends at Bar Fly. Next stop was Livingroom where "Charles" had his release party for his new single "Hjertesten".

It was finally time to leave for Stravinsky, MSR Summerparty. This was the reason for going back to Oslo in the first place. We celebrated with champagne and enjoyed the circus around us.
We got home around 2:30 AM and seemed to have lost Tommie somewhere along the way.

During breakfast on Sunday Tommie knocked on the door, had a shower and then it was time for me to walk him down to the train station.
Sunday usually means funday, but we where pretty out of it after a couple of hard days and nights. We decided to stay in and watch a soccer game on TV.

I got up pretty early on Monday and went to the gym while Jeanette was working. I bought a midi keyboard and felt like writing a few hits. Unfortunately something wasn't alright with my Logic Pro so I headed out in the sun for an ice cream down by Aker Brygge instead.

On Tuesday we had a nice dinner at "Sara's" before going to a show with "Gavin DeGraw". I had never heard of the guy before but it seemed like I've missed out on something since the crowd knew every word of his lyrics. A very colorful crowd... hehe. Still not one cigarette in two weeks, jeeze I'm proud of myself!

Wednesday, back at the gym again, damn I'm good! Walked down to Oslo S to meet up with Jeanette after work, she was a little bit delayed so I found the opportunity to have a really expensive beer in the sun.
We decided to have a picnic in the park. With sausages, beer, potato salad, strawberries & crisps we really enjoyed my last night of this trip to Oslo.

On Thursday 7:27 in the morning I got on the train back to Stockholm.