Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day off in Paris

Yesterday we woke up in the outskirts of Paris in a busparking. We went for steaks, burgers and Pina Colada at the local steakhouse.
Thereafter me, Robin, Cat, Orac and Mike jumped on the tube for the center. We found a bar with WiFi and really expensive beers so we didn't stay for long, just headed towards the Eiffel Tower.
I ended the night back on the bus watching "Traitor", "Zeitgeist" and "Team America" before leaving my conscious state of mind.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm still alive

Sorry for not blogging in a while.
After this tours biggest party for me in Budapest my phone was killed in my bunk due to water and chocolate. When I first woke up I thought I'd peed and shit my self but it turned out to be water coming in through an open sunroof in the bus. The morning hunger apparently stroke me after too much Hungarian Moonshine and I stashed up with a lot of chocolate, this of course ended up on my sheets after falling asleep on it.
Luckily we woke up in Ludwigsburg where I found a washing machine so that I could take care of my dirty sheets and the rest of my laundry. My phone was unfortunately not coming back to life. Luckily I got to borrow a phone from Roger in Sonic Syndicate but I can't send my blogs from it.
Just like that wasn't enough we had some stuff stolen from us after the show in Pratteln, Switzerland. Nightmare's uniform jacket, my pentagram belt and Whiplasher's D-wheel army hat.
Stupid asshole(s) who stole it, things like this really upsets me.

Well things got better, we met up with friends in Milan and straight after that we headed for a day off in Barcelona.
I met up with Jeanette at the hotel in the afternoon. We enjoyed Barcelona to the fullest with sightseeing, beer, food, shopping and of course a real bed at the hotel.
After a great show the following day Dante (our bus) was eager to go to Madrid.
The weather was absolutely wonderful when we arrived so we decided to hit the city for sightseeing, sangria and sun.

We were all pretty excited about the following day in Alicante. BUT!
When we woke up the sun was no where to be seen so no swimming in the ocean for us.
Also the venue was very small with a tiny backstage so we sat most of the day in the bus.
Luckily the place was packed, the crowd was amazing and it turned out to be a really fun show.
This was definitely an unexpected surprise.

Today we're up in Bergara and we can finally be online to catch up on our interactive lives.

I'll do my best to update this blog whenever I have internet.