Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Tax-Evasion-Guy has found a new job


Anonymous said...

omg dregen is soooo hot, ive seen them 4 times.
(but ive seen deathstars 6times)

Skinny blir det nån mer konsert med er i sverige innan året är slut? har hört lite rykten men inget säkert..

kerosene said...

Good luck in ur new job, Tax Evasion Guy hahaha

cyanide said...

woo the tax evasion guy rules! but not as much as skinny does!
love ashe

Chloe said...

I know this is nothing to do with your blog but have you seen the Swedish, vampire film called "let the right one in" i think its fantastic, i recomend it if you havnt seen it. :)

love from Chloe