Sunday, August 16, 2009

Summer Breeze

Yesterday was a very good day. Since all our friends from Opeth, Grave, The Storm and other cool bandnames were playing, we had a great time hanging out in the backstage before the show.. Unfortunately we had to leave pretty much straight after the show because of the early flight today. Still a very good partyweekend.
Items I like: Happy Snack Plus and Bavarian houses.
Extra thanks to Kaju who made an excellent work all on his own.


Maneki Neko said...

Great!I'm happy for you guys!!=D
...Very funny pic!!XD Is that Nightmare?

Anonymous said...

You guys were awesome yesterday night! I really enjoyed the show.

AdriST said...

Really a good time!!!
About the pic...what did you do? hahahaha, I can't stop laughing XDDD loved Nigthmare's new lips, he, right?

Babeyoca said...

BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!XD I love Night's bunny-ears!!!!And I love his lips as well!!!!!

Louise Sövig said...

Fick ett mms idag av en kompis när jag var på jobbet. Andreas i förgrunden och du i vit cowboyhatt i bakgrunden. Kennet Englund heter han som skickade bilden. Han träffade tydligen er idag, på flyget? Gammal bekant till Emil och Andreas tydligen. Hur som helst, bilden var en glad överraskning och att Andreas hälsade till mig gjorde min dag :P Tack för er underbara musik!

pinkladyofdarkness said...

Thank you, guys!
The show on summmer-breeze was really good.We see us in october. Bye!

Angel said...

I was there, I was there!!! Great Gig! But the signing session was too short :'( And i felt kinda stupid for beeing the only one singing with you -.- But hey, I like being stupid :D Great show guys! But why for fuck´s sake whip didn´t dress off...? :'( I almost cried ;)
We´ll see us in Nuremberg :D

Love <3<3<3
The screaming blonde girl with glasses in the very front aka Michaela. Thanks to you I lost my voice this evening :D

Andreea said...

skum bild lixom xD

alhana said...

is that emil? he he looks cool i like his bunny ears and lips :P