Monday, August 10, 2009

Going home

After a quite hectic weekend with very little sleep we can finally go home and get some rest before next weekends escapades.
About Whip's hand. He managed to strain the muscle in his thumb after breaking in at a museum. Don't worry, his hand much better now.


cliaz catt said...

Sorry, but I have to ask: Breaking in at a musem? What the fuck is that about? :P
Skinny, I think you'll have to explain that one.
And you go home and get some rest, you deserve that.

Cliaz Catt <3

Babeyoca said...

Certo ke Whip ne combina di tutti i colori!!!Muahahahahahah!!!!XD Riposatevi,cari ragazzoni!Baci

AdriST said...

Well, fortunately Whip's hand is ok and he can use it again =P so tell him take care of museums the next time.
Conclusion: Museums could be dangerous for unquiet hands XD
Have a comforting rest!
Kisses n_n

Anonymous said...

LOL! Sooo that's what happened! Glad to hear it's doing better.

Rest well!

Agent D said...

God, for tomorrow I've planned a museum-day. But I'm not sure right now o.o how did Whip do that with his thumb? The main point is that he is better :) Have a long rest, you deserve that!

cyanide said...

haha ive got to admit museums are very dangerous. i nearly broke my arm in one once lol

love ashe

Todessternchen said...

Have a long rest! You deserve that really!
And good to hear that Whip's hand is doing already better!

kisses, Astrid

Maneki Neko said...

Rilassatevi ragazzi!Good luck for Whip's hand!Kisses! Meow! : D Ciao Babeyoca!