Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dressed for success

Now we're on our way to my nephew who's getting baptised today and after that we're attending Oscar and Linda's wedding.


TinyAngel said...

Uh la la :)
Smartish xD

You´re a very stylish couple :)
Have fun :)
And Greets to Jeanette :)


Maneki Neko ^. .^ said...

Wow!La coppia più bella del mondo!=D
Good fun guys! Kisses!

Anonymous said...

You both look smashing! Have an awesome weekend.

AdriST said...

What elengance!!!! You and Jeanette look great. Enjoy it!

Babeyoca said...

WOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!You both look soooooooooo smaaaaaaaaaaaart!!!^-^ what a perfect couple you are!!Have so much fun!bacioni.