Sunday, August 9, 2009


Since the show yesterday we've been traveling constantly to get to the festival today. We haven't slept more than an hour in the van. It's gonna be a very interesting show.


Squi said...

You still look rocking great!!!

cliaz catt said...

Hah. Youre the only happykid, Skinny.
Emil looks very, very sheep-ish. Hahaha.
Good luck, dear.
Next stop Denmark 8D (I dreamt I bought a ticket to a Deathstars show here in Denmark, soooeeh... you kinda owe me something)

* cliaz . catt ~

JDudette said... guys must be exhausted. o.O
It'll be a killer show, I'm sure! Rock on!

Babeyoca said...

Per fortuna Bone si è tagliato i baffi!!!ahahahahah!!!XD I love this picture,guys!good luck with the show,ragazzuoli!!!=)kisses

AdriST said...

All you need is...sleep, at least one entire week! Take care dears, love you! :)

TinyAngel said...

Waahh! :D xDDD
Look at Nightmare!! (Is it Nightmare? :D)

What a funny face xDDD

Good luck for the shows!


Agent D said...

Oh wow everybody looks happy and relaxed especially Whip and Bone :D

Anonymous said...

haha u look greaaat gyus! :D:D

Maneki Neko said...

Hahaha!You are sooo cool guys!Bacioni italiani! XD

Fred said...

You all look great, I'm sure the show will be fucking amazing.

Davinelulinvega said...

Saw your show on sunday and it was really great - hope you had as much fun as the audience!
But I wonder if you guys saw anything of the festival...?

Anonymous said...

Love the show..
My voice was almost gone after Death dies hard..

Can't wait to see you in Arnhem and Eindhoven!