Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ibanez Jet King

Today I recieved a very nice package from DHL. Thanks to Ali at Ibanez I got this sexy bass called Jet King. I'm thrilled to try it out tomorrow at Rocknights in Lithuania.


TinyAngel said...

o.O Just one word:

It look so nice...Ibanez is the best ;)

Have fun with it and have a good show at Rocknights^^

Greez <3

Todessternchen said...


Congratulation to this wonderful bass! Have fun with trying it out!:-)
And of course all the best for the show!

Best wishes from Austria...meanwhile from hospital...

See you in october!!

Anonymous said...

Oooo! That is quite hot! Have fun with the new toy! :D

Babeyoca said...

That bass is very sexy...because you are sexy!;)have fun!

Monika said...

That`s one sexy bass! DAMN! Now I wanne learn playing bass! It`s so shiny!Oo,

Anonymous said...

jezuz is getting excited about me getting him a classic SG Gibson guitar for his 19th bday next year

Squi said...

Looks amazing!!!
And I'm getting to see you playing it! Today! on Rocknights!
by the way I'm making a poster for you <3
and Deathstars,
with my sister)
hope you'll notice it)

Maneki Neko said...