Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Walking around Lazise

Yesterday Mirko and his friend Erik made us a very good barbecue which of course ended us in a watermelon fight between me and Whip. This morning we woke up by thunder and lightning outside the window. Luckily the weather changed and now Mirko is showing us around Lazise. Great lifestyle!


Demily said...

hey, have a great time in Italy! i love this country; people are always fantastic there! ;)

Silmarwen said...

What a wonderful holidays!
I envy you!

Thank you for post in your blog everyday.

I hope see you again in Spain soon.


Anonymous said...

A watermelon fight o.O I am hoping we are talking watermelon chunks and not whole watermelons- ouchie! xD

Anonymous said...

Thta's what I was thinking it would be a bit like the time when one of you guys were on tour and you through the watermelon on that car that was passing you on the other side of the road.

Monika said...

Now I know who I`m gonna blame if I`m watching a live video of you guys where Whip have forgotten the lyrics!! Watermelon at the head is not necesarly good therapy for the brain! xD