Monday, July 6, 2009

Bye, bye Slovenia, hell-o Italy

After playing Metal Camp very late last night we're finally on our way to Garda Lake where our friend Mirko has invited us for a vacation. We all need some time off after these hectic traveling days. Happy times!


TossiCandy said...

I'm italian...and Italy sucks >_<
Have a nice day ._.

Anonymous said...

Italy Rules dude another of my fav Bands is from there.

Loads of gothic and kitten love from Alexia 'nd' Jezuz.

Anonymous said...

Hello Skinny!!!
Do you like Italy?
I'm italuan and I live in Bologna...ok, It don't care xD
But my friend falling in love with you at the Metalcamp...we were at the firsrt line xD
So...if you wanna say hello to her..



Anonymous said...

Meowwwwwwwwwww jezuz wants to go their on a holiday with me but i am very busy with apllying for college.

***Los of kitten and puppy love from Alexia 'nd' Jezuz