Thursday, July 16, 2009


From the train I could just see a stop saying "Snartemo" which in swedish would be translated to Soon-EMO. Pretty funny.


Todessternchen said...

Haha! Great;)

Wish you a wondeful time!!

Cliaz Catt ~ said...

snart emo, hahaha xD
awesome sign you found there (y)
hope you have a great time in emoland. <3

* cliaz . catt ~

TinyAngel said...

Hihi :)

"We can´t hold here! That´s Emoland!"

Wish you and your happy little family a nice vacation ;)


deathxinxvogue said...

Haha that's good.
Rediculous signs are great. Like the one at a city hall I visited this winter. It said;
Gas-Water-Rubbish on it, Rubbish being such an uncommon term here. I thought it was good xD

Alex said...

Lols emo hehehe.

Can't wait to see Jezuz today he is coming to mine for the first time since we got back together he is really nervous after what happened last time.

VinceVillein said...

...that´s good. Emo...I love EMO. xD

Monika said...

Or it means "Snart-emo" in Norwegian!:D (But let us just forget about that) Funny one! I wonder how many Emos that excist in that country/city..Have you found any? Or are you still looking for Emo?;)

Monika said...

Oh my god! it IS in Norway! I didn`t read the text below the picture! HAHA! I new we were a Emo country!:P Emos in every corner!

I`m feeling embarrased!

Hope you had a good Laugh and please! Post some more pictures if you find other funny signs over the border! :D

cyanide said...

woo emo country! lol gotta admit thats pretty cool
love ashe

cyanide said...

to everyone who knows the blogger alex, who comments on skinnys blog regularly, well she has had an op and deserves some support. she is currently recovering from an op which involves fixing a hole in her heart. i wish her well, and i hope everyone else does to
love ashe

Babeyoca said...

Emoland?ahahahahah!!!troppo bella!XD

Alex said...

Thank you for your support Cynaide/Ashe you have thanks from both me and Jezuz.

I am doing well should be back to normal soon.

And "Hi" to everyone here hope you are all doing well.

Babeyoca said...

I hope everything is okay,Alex
I wish you're better soon.=) PS:Sorry for my bad english...

Alex said...

I am fine I get my stiches out tomorow and jezuz has been taking very good care of me.

we almost split up the today but we are fine now.

Everything is good.
Jezuz says hi to everyone but he told me to say a special hi to skinny...

So HELLO Skinny.

kerosene said...

Emos are controlling the world.

Alex said...

Hiya guys it's alex.
I'm here with Jezuz WHopppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp go me.

Thanks Cyanide for ure support after my op you helped me through a lot of shit lately you have mine and jezuz's thanks for everything you have done for us.

Oh and Skinny how you been have not heard from u in ages come and say hello would u or are u not talking to nayone now???.

i love all u guys here ure all mates to me bye's XXXXXXXXXX