Friday, July 10, 2009

Red Bull

At the moment we're walking around the Red Bull Hangar-7 in Salzburg checking out Formula 1 cars. Unfortunately we are not allowed to try them out. Still a nice way to pass time. We're soon on our way to Czeck Republic where we're playing the Monsters of Rock. First we need to pick up Cat in Vienna.


Alie said...

I asked if you smoke because I think smoking kills, as you do, I think. Well, congratulations!

I'm from Brazil so I don't know much about where you guys are. How's Salzburg? oh, and have you guys ever thought about comming to south america? =D

and again, thanks for answering

Alie said...

hope you can understand my english, it's not very good actually =P

Anonymous said...

Good thinking you can't have a show without cat there can you?.

jezuz says hi.....


from ***Yuna And Jezuz***

AdriST said...

Yeah! I love Red Bull and F1, great pic! ;)
And...I have the same question as Alie...when will you come to south america? (I'm from Paraguay but I really wish see you in Argentina or Brazil).
Well...thanks Skinny for sharing your pics :D
Kisses <3

Anonymous said...

"Unfortunately we are not allowed to try them out."

That sucks. It would have been nice to zip around in them things :D