Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vacation has begun.

Jeanette, Lucky and me took the train to Oslo today where we're spending the night at Grand Hotel. Tomorrow we'll continue our trip inside Norway down to Flekkefjord.


Cliaz Catt ~ said...

awh, that's cute. familyphoto.
and you deserve a vacation, skinny.
thank you for your sweet comment on my drawings <3

* cliaz . catt ~

AdriST said...

Nice and happy family! =)
By the old is Lucky? You are very young parents.
Enojoy your vacation Skinny, kisses! <3

Anonymous said...

Aw that really is a cute photo. Norway, I've always wanted to go there.
Enjoy your trip <3

amber said...

hello skinny a question Lucky is your daughter with jeannete?

cyanide said...

awww lucky is sooo sweet! hope you enjoy your vacantion huni! love hearing from you
love ashe

Anonymous said...

Divertitevi,ragazzi!!!!=) enjoy your vacation,Skinny!what a sweet family you are!!sorry for my bad english,I'm from Italy!Kisses

TinyAngel said...

aaaaaaaaw that´s so sweet :) your daughter is simply gorgeous! and she looks a looooot like you. sweet little cild :) enjoy your vacation you three.

oggbats said...

nice - you guys have fun with each other and enjoy the sunshine. What a lovely early birthday present too!! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Sounds fantastic. You had ice cream too?. I am jelaous of you guys.

Jezuz never gives me ice cream.
He just covers me in chocolate.

Monika said...

Aww! Family photo! Yey! Her ice cream (if it is an Ice Cream) look so big! Norway yey! I finally feel Proud to be Norwegian!:D

You DESERVE! some days off! Maybe a year, actually all of you Deathstar glammers! It would have been good for you guys! Take a year off or something.

Enjoy the Sun and still have a wonderful Summer! Wish you and your beloved ones all the best!<3

Pauli said...

sweet pic :)

Anonymous said...

HEI!!! Happy Birthday!
love u! Moscow is already missing you!