Sunday, July 5, 2009


We left the hotel in Helsinki at 9 this morning, took the plane to Düsseldorf and here we've been trying to kill time since noon. Our next flight is not until 6:45 PM to Venice. There we get picked up in a van which is gonna take us to Slovenia and Metalcamp. Hopefully we'll be there before midnight cause our show starts 1:00 AM. Not the most stimulating day.


Elisa said...

indeed... but you'll surely make people happy with your great music ^-^

so courage!! You're the BEST!!!



AdriST said...

Yeah! That's true. Many people enjoy your concerts a lot, so save energy ;)
Pitifully I'm writing from far away. I would give anything to see you! =(
Have a great day, Skinny. Love you!

Kate'na™ said...

I love these men, where the second beautiful guy with smart tattoos?

Ari said...

Um hi skinny! THanks for the show in Ruisrock, it was awesome. It was my first time ever to see or hear you and you got me totally interested. But i didnt like your guitarists' stage moves, they we're some idiots from My Chemical Romance. Nono, I was just kidding, dont get them mad if you tell them :P... lol

But you know, I wanted to comment you for some other reason, not just supid fan babbling.
Im bassplayer myself too, and i've been looking new bass to get along to my Thunderbird. And when i heard the sound of your bass i was totally sold. It was like fucking snarling wild babybeast! And i also saw that A.W. Yrjänä (he is the bassplayer of CMX) used similar instrument, i quess.

Well ok, i was just talking shit, short story told long. I'm just asking what type of bass that was, where did you get that nad much did it cost. If you could tell me anything in one way or another i would be very grateful :)...

I'm sorry about this long talk, i'm just asking this one thing what is consuming me.
Btw, your rastas are great!

-Ari Kaukiainen

Anonymous said...

A van that's quite posh. BTW Me and Jezuz are back together again which Is fantastic.

Skinny Disco said...

Hey Ari.
I bought the bass in New York from a guy on ebay.
It's a Rickenbacker 4001 from 1976 and I think I payed about 1500 US dollars which was a very good price.