Saturday, February 21, 2009

Slovenian Treatment

After a very long day filled with sightseeing, snow, sport, beer, gifts and a fun show we had to leave quite early and miss out on the aftershow party. The reason was because of global colding in the upper eastern side of Europe. We're trying to go to Budapest, but because of all the snow along the way we had to make sure that we'll be there in time. See you at Diesel tomorrow!


Mariel said...

Good luck there and....well take care of the cold, have fun there and im glad that you always have fun with the snow....may be doing snow devils....^^....i hope you get there on time.....see you....

Grotesque said...

Man... I really love your Blog, good thing you're updating it almoust every day)

Anonymous said...

yesterday's concert was awsome! just a little too short. hope to see you again here soon :)
oh, and i regret i didn't accept the offer of your bandmates to make out with you skinny ;)
make a great show tonight

Roger Sonic said...

Fan va ni sparkar Ungernskjärt!!! ;-) hell-sningar Roger -

Demily said...

In the end you arivved on time :). I loved the concert but you know it was short. Anyway the atmosphere was unforgettable and hope we'll see you soon :).

Oh and I loved as you said 'Budapest'. Like a real Hungarian man ;).

D said...

Tack Skinny konserten i Ungern! Killar, ni var fantastiska!

oh i'm suck :D
Skinny, you promised us that you will show the Ipig :c
Thank you the concert, it was fuckin' amazing!!! And tell George, the busdriver that he was awesome,we love him :D and Dante too!
i can't wait till the next concert, please come here soon!

Anonymous said...

There was loads of snow earlier on here in England sadly I'm a sixth former and I had to go into school but I only went i when I had lessons so nothing changed.

Me and snow have a love hate friendship but i mostly hate it.

No one hits me with snowballs at all cause they are scared of me so it's all good fun though...

Anonymous said...

Kan inte vänta på att ni ska spela i malmö! Längtar jätte mycket jag och min kompis kör i 5 timmar och betalar sammanlagt 500kr var för att få se er :P Det blir min 5the gång att se er och har aldrig fått träffa er( eller träffade emil i lkpg) så SNÄLLA! kom ut och hälsa!

Livia said...

Hi Skinny! I was in your concert in Hungary. I've enjoyed it very much.
Many thanks for the pick :) (I'm who wrote on the paper: Please give me a pick) :P
I have taken a lot of photo, and when I see them, I'm smiling, and remember for the fantastic night. :)

Bye: Livia

demoneque01 said...

holy shit!! is bone missing the end of his tounge!? i was umm,. observing his picture very closely and it looks like the end of it has been sliced off!. look at the photo of him, holding the skull, its so fucking weird.! the one that was in metal hammer,!
julianne xxx
please reply , im so fucking deperate to find out.!

nahuepiola said...


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I hope not to disturb them, and I hope its eager response

Greetings and Thanks

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Syn.thetic said...

Heeey \o/
Good luck there.
Here, in Brazil it is very very hot in here!!!

Love ya Skinny 'n guys!!!
Your music is the best \o/

D said...

Skinny where are u? Dante joined with the Ipig to make their most hellish plan and now you enjoy the plan's consequences? :D or you had to stop somewhere cause Cat needed to find a mirror or a washing machine? :D

please send a sign of life Skinny!

CattOf9 said...

I think you're right, D.
Dante and iPig got him...
R.I.P Skinny.
Although I don't feel sorry for you, since you tortured poor iPig!!

## Cliaz Catt

Anonymous said...

Hi skinny it's me can you do me a really big favour please????????

It's my friend Jess's Birthday tomorow and i wondered if you could get Cat to e-mail her and say happy birthday...

It would mean a lot to her please?.

i have her e-mail address here


she is just as big of a fan as i am she didn't know who you guys were till i told her about you she is like your biggest fan now.

it would mean so much to her if you could get Cat to say happy birthday to her please can you say happy birthday to her tooo.....?.

he name is Jess by the way.

demoneque01 said...

skinnys dead D: noooo! agh!! i cant go on! ,kill meee! show us some life skinny ma boy! :O ahhhg!
julianne xxx

catz said...

nooooo! Sweaty socks and an angry cat missing a mirror john and the ipig must have gotten to master skinny!
Just kidding he is probably busy and hasn’t fount the time to update

Anonymous said...

Skinny! User`s society waits for news!