Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Photoshoot with www.silent-view.com

This was the location for the photoshoot.
Just the way we like it... hehe.


Agnes said...

now I'm looking forward to see the results of the photoshoot!!!!
have a nice week!!!

D said...

oh that bulding is very creepy...but i hope you enjoy Germany...remember guys, just three days and you travel to us :P

Mariel said...

WOW....Im in love with that old building....I would love to have a photoshoot there too...It was like a dream....*Blushes* *¬*

demoneque01 said...

holy shit... :O sexy voices aahahah XD and andreas can sing so well live! some people are just shit and need machines but wow! so fucking good. :)
julianne xxx

demoneque01 said...

why is there ketchup in the fridge!!! :O it doesnt need to be in there! take it out XD hahahaha
rofl. omg, this is amazing.

hahahah XD
julianne x

Just me.. said...

hehe...really funny place...especially for monday's morning entertainment:D

Simone O. said...

=] That's a sweet as building. =]

Music makes it better haha!

Seriously though, nice camera footage Skinny ;D haha!