Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Production rehearsal

Today we joined up for a last production rehearsal before the upcoming tour.
After practicing we squeezed in to a cab with all the gear and headed over to my house. 
My ears are bleeding and my head is pounding, 
perfect conditions for a good nights sleep in my own bed. Good bye home sweet home, hello tourbus!


Agnes said...

Enjoy the tour!!!!
see you soon!

Lotta said...

Can't wait to see you guys live in Linköping!

Anonymous said...

ah.. come to slovakia again pls..:(

Arrie said...

Jag hoppas att ni övade in det ordentligt, jag har höga förväntningar... jag ska se er för första gången imorgon... Jag är riktigt spänd alltså, det ska bli så kul! Gör mig inte besviken!

Anonymous said...

You guys all look amazing and on top form how do you do it

You never cease to be legendary in the world rock on dudes.