Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Today we're freezing our asses off.

Today we're in Flensburg, Germany and our best friend is the heater in the backstage, the only food we've got is the white triangle sandwiches with cheese and ham on. I hope the show is gonna get better.


Agnes said...

oh hell!!! sorry but the sandwiches look not that nice;/
hope the show was much better and you had fun at least!!!!

Lu said...

what the fuck?! stupid people... I hope you won´t get a false impressions of the germans ( nah. okay... I´m sure we have either way a bad name in the world... indeed not because of bad food^^)
any way... things can only get better ^.^

Mariel said...

Good luck on your shows....i hope some day you come and meet from there....mmmm
good luck with the cold there and take care....

see you on myspace....^^

Anonymous said...

omg thats shit! i'm from germany (flensburg) and i was at the show in roxy's. next time u come here, you come to me! you'll get the best food you've ever seen in your live AND a warm room, maybe ma warm bed too. ;)
wanna see u again in flensburg (kiel is nice too)! ^^
have fun and good luck at your tour!

Scary Sarah said...

I know a few people who would gladly warm u all up lol :D