Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm still alive

Sorry for not blogging in a while.
After this tours biggest party for me in Budapest my phone was killed in my bunk due to water and chocolate. When I first woke up I thought I'd peed and shit my self but it turned out to be water coming in through an open sunroof in the bus. The morning hunger apparently stroke me after too much Hungarian Moonshine and I stashed up with a lot of chocolate, this of course ended up on my sheets after falling asleep on it.
Luckily we woke up in Ludwigsburg where I found a washing machine so that I could take care of my dirty sheets and the rest of my laundry. My phone was unfortunately not coming back to life. Luckily I got to borrow a phone from Roger in Sonic Syndicate but I can't send my blogs from it.
Just like that wasn't enough we had some stuff stolen from us after the show in Pratteln, Switzerland. Nightmare's uniform jacket, my pentagram belt and Whiplasher's D-wheel army hat.
Stupid asshole(s) who stole it, things like this really upsets me.

Well things got better, we met up with friends in Milan and straight after that we headed for a day off in Barcelona.
I met up with Jeanette at the hotel in the afternoon. We enjoyed Barcelona to the fullest with sightseeing, beer, food, shopping and of course a real bed at the hotel.
After a great show the following day Dante (our bus) was eager to go to Madrid.
The weather was absolutely wonderful when we arrived so we decided to hit the city for sightseeing, sangria and sun.

We were all pretty excited about the following day in Alicante. BUT!
When we woke up the sun was no where to be seen so no swimming in the ocean for us.
Also the venue was very small with a tiny backstage so we sat most of the day in the bus.
Luckily the place was packed, the crowd was amazing and it turned out to be a really fun show.
This was definitely an unexpected surprise.

Today we're up in Bergara and we can finally be online to catch up on our interactive lives.

I'll do my best to update this blog whenever I have internet.




Grotesque said...

Yay, thanks for the update, nice photo at the plaza))

Anonymous said...

Crazy Spanish people, stealing your stuff!!! And the Deathstars hat, which is one of a kind!? Grr! People like that deserve to be beaten up! Ah! I can see that John is still with you guys, that's good! Remember to eat a lot of NORMAL food aswell...because I don`t think you can survive, only eating chocolate and candy. You will probably end up sick! You should have a locker system at the doors your tour bus, this is the second time someone is stealing from you guys! Anyway, luckily I will see you guys next year, since it`s 18 limit over almost all the places you are playing at. Have a fun upcomming week!

Dorothy aka D said...

oh god, finally you are here Skinny!
"I thought I'd peed and shit my self " that incident happened with my friend too after a big party, unfortunately not with chocolate and water :D and I'm proud that your biggest party was in Budapest :) you were amazing, but when you came out to Dante you promised us that you'll show the Ipig :C
oh fuck, somebody really stole your stuffs? I promise you if i will go to Switzerland one day and i will see a guy with your stuffs i catch him/her and i'll start to sing near his/her ears loudly...that will be the biggest pain for him/her...
Oh I'm so jealous that you were in Barcelona and Milan, and the sun was shinin' and the weather was warm :C here in hungary there are mug and water everywhere :C
ok i have to stop the writing :D We are very very very happy that you sent a blog cause we were worry that something happened to you ( be careful with the Ipig and Dante...)

and my last question is...: please tell me what's that pink plush stuff in Whips head? and my god, is that not a pink dick in that stuff, right? :DDD

Admin said...


My name is Francisco and enjoy the concert of Alicante, the site was very very small, but it was amazing, one of the best concerts of my life, many congratulations on this concert, and I hope see you soon again for the Mediterranean coast of Spain!

(it was a shame not know you had broken the phone, since I'm technical and I could have tried to fix it in exchange for signing your CD, jaja)

Agnes said...

oh no, sounds like a nightmare:(((
just got the same phone 2 days ago and now i know how you're missig it cause it is awesome!!! so intelligent!;-) hope you will get a new one when you are back home;)
I truly understand you that you are angry about those guys who are stealing stuff from you, it's not nice and very rude I think!!!
But Barcelona changed it a bit I guess, cause of Jeanette and the better weather!!!
Hope Jeanette is doing well!!!??
cheers and see you soon again!

Demily said...

Why people steal from bands? I could kill these men. Probably for sell the stolen things to fans - but if I could get one of these things I just couldn't live with the feeling that it isn't mine, it is a man's who wanna it get back. Maybe I'm too honest :).

Another thing... the mobiles. Last summer I jumped into the pool with clothes on me and my mobile was in my pocket. You know I forgot that. After I got out from the water I just frightened a little bit. The mobile said 'broken sim'. Oh shit - I thought. After this accident for almost one year my mobile lived her own life. If she wanted just switched off. It was funny; no one could call me :). But now she is right so nothing problem XD. Just wanted to tell the story :).

Anyway hope you will enjoy the rest of the tour. Have a nice day :).

Ps.: sorry for my English :).

catz said...

F**k*r's steeling your stuff, seriously there should be a donate to deathstars section so we can help replace what was taken.... woo penis hat!

CattOf9 said...

Your pentagram belt?! But Skinny, that's one of the thing you're famous for here in Denmark!
If I meet this guy, which I probably don't, I will kill him.
But I was actually pretty close to steal Whip's hat by accident. That is possible!

Oh well, sosososo nice to see you're alive again, I really enjoy reading your blogs. They shine up my cold, boring, gray days here in Denmark and makes me wanna live. Last five words is not true, but it does sound very good, right?

Nice you finally got to post here. As you maybe have realized, we've been missing you alot!

K said...

I'm glad you had a great time in Hungary. And thanks for the kickass party ;).

Skinny, tell me honestly, is there the slightest chance that Deathstars will ever play a song whose lyrics wasn't written by the members?
(I'd really appreciate if you just read mine once in the future.:D)

Anonymous said...

oh,i've been to spain several's great! i count days to see u in Moscow ...and still waiting to read something new from your's always funny,interesting and really cheers me up! have a nice day! miss u and guys! can't wait to see u in Moscow soon! Cheers!

DaRk eLaiNe said...

Hello, I have to thank you, I was in the concert of alicante and you are the best!!! I enjoyed very much, I had liked to speak with you or take a photo with you :( I am sad because it could not be

I am charmed with the good vibrations that you transmit on the stage


PD, sorry for my english

Silent Remorse said...

Your day just wasn't going so well, now was it? Sorry about someone stealing your stuff, that's really fucked up! No one should steal from Deathstars, I mean, even as I type I have the new album blaring in the background. Sorry about your phone, too. At least things got a little better.

Sharicoph said...

I'm glad to hear that you're still among the living, Skinny.

Anonymous said...

It's the first time I write on your blog, but I wanted to tell you that I like it very much!! Not many bands' members are used to have one, but I think it's really interesting to know about rockers' life outside concerts and rehearsals, and I do think your is great!
I discovered Deathstars only last year, but when I first listened to, I suddenly thought that you were great!! (At least Deathstars' one of my favourite groups XD)
Hoping to see you early in Rome, where I live =)
Kisses from Italy ^^


Demily said...

GOD. Holy shit now can I absolutely get it. WHIPLASHER'S D-WHEEL ARMY HAT? Okay where is that fuckin' guy I just wanna smother him/ her in a spoon of water...

Anonymous said...

It's a shame about your stuff being stolen people just don't respect bands anymore they think they can do things that are just stupid.

I found it offensive to hear that they stole stuff for you we shoud go on a deathstars gear hunt for you all fans together searching for the criminals....

demoneque01 said...

what a nightmare! and not the sexy one! lmfao rofl and thinking youd shat yourself, but oh no!
ill keep an eye out for the hat and jacket and belt on ebay haha, ill buy em, sniff em, then send them back to you. promice.

did you inspect bones tongue?! it lookes sliced off at the end, look at it. look at the pic from metal hammer.
julianne xx

Anonymous said...

Yeah I noticed that too on the cover of metal hammer if you look close enougth it looks like Bone only has half a tongue.

It's really cool I hope that it's not real cause that word really hurt dude's

demoneque01 said...

good, its not just me then.
i fell asleep in the bath and im so clean and pale.. i look dead.. picture time :D
i would like to know if his tongue is actually sliced off.
skinny? can you check?
julianne x

AnnA said...

I hope you got your stuff back, and i hope your phone starts working again (:

Chloe said...

Oh my god its John and Hauken. I wonder where u get Huaken from, I want one.