Sunday, February 8, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Today we finally got our bus. The bunks looked comfortable so I'm sure we'll sleep tight the upcoming weeks.


Isse said...

Niice :D

demoneque01 said...

look at these pictures of you guys lol
julianne x

Maria Stella said...

Mmmm, Whip)) :-**

demoneque01 said...

i know!! shag on legs isnt he! haha XD you can tell him aswell!

skinny, is whip generally, dirty?. is he filthy minded?

XD i so bet he is,


p.s the word varification is sexiie

Charlie Murder said...

That bus is huuuuuuge!

Malin Winkler said...

Jag och min kompis stod där på morgonen och såg er lasta in sakerna xD.. vi vågade inte gå fram x)

Rocka Vidare nu \,,/

Agent D said...

Dante :DD *cries*
The good, old times when you trusted in Dante, and he didn't show you that he came from the hell :D