Saturday, May 31, 2008


Like I didn't feel dead enough it was time to let the little rabbit move along to another purgatory.
We started off with a pre-party for the KISS show. Because of the nice weather people stood in the doorway to make sure they heard the songs coming out of the speakers and to let the sun burn their sensitive rock n' roll skin. At 7:30 the cabs came rolling in and we headed down to Stadion to watch the show.
Me, Whip and Elin met up with Thomas to get our guestlist sorted and then we got in excited like never before.
It was a great opening with Deuce and Strutter, Paul Stanley was a role model for every human being like always but after 40 minutes the super-long solos started and I got really bored.

I took a cab back to Rabbit Fighter to make sure I wouldn't miss the first band "Östermalm".
It was already crowded and I was happy to see my mom with a friend and my cousin among the crowd. Around 11:30 PM Jeanette showed up after an 8-hour-way-too-hot train ride from Oslo. PARTY TIME!
We watched the rest of the bands which were "Steroids", "The Objects" and "Midnight Scraper".
All of a sudden time stoke 3:00 AM and the funeral was over.
A BIG thank you to everyone who's supported us through the years. All the bands, DJ's, guests and staff that has put up with us. We love you!

Me, Tommie (Revolution Riot) and Jeanette headed home to my place for some sort of after party. On our way home in the cab we came up with the great idea that Tommie should come with us to Oslo with the 8:30 train the same morning.
Jeanette fell asleep on the couch and Tommie on the balcony. I decided to stay awake to make sure we wouldn't miss the train... and we didn't :)
Here we come!!

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