Friday, May 30, 2008

Shock me!

Another week of healthy behavior, at least the start of it.
After almost 3 hours of working out on Wednesday me and Whip ordered double portions of meat at our daily lunch restaurant Östgöta Källaren. 

Barely able to move we decided to walk downtown for some shopping. I found an ice cream, five ties, one pair of suspenders and a pair of jeans.

On Thursday afternoon me and Damon went to see the KISS-exhibition with paintings made by Nicke Andersson (Hellacopters), really nice stuff and not too expensive. 

Later I met up with Whip for a beer or two at his place. We went out to Stadion to meet up with our friend Thomas who's part of the KISS-crew. 
Pretty cool to stand on a stage that big, classic ground for someone like me that has seen many concerts there while growing up. We said goodbye to Thomas and headed for ROCKS where they had an In Flames after party. I crashed on Whiplashers couch at 6 in the morning.

Friday,  The big night! Why am I so hungover???
It's time to kill the rabbit. Last Rabbit Fighter ever!


Anonymous said...

You look great in that picture with ice-cream =0*
And if hungover means wasted,it's probably because weather is changing.Temperature too,your body need to accustom(habituate).
How it is going with cigarettes?
I am sending a hug and looking forward on your concert in Czech Republic,kisses,Dhab.

Skinny Disco said...

It's been 2 1/2 week without cigarettes now :)

Anonymous said...

I praise you:)I am trying to stop,but it's too hard.I started when I was only 10 years old and on 24.7.2008 I will be 20 years old,so 10 years of smoking.I don't want see my lungs=0)))))The worst thing on cigarettes aren't those stencil's,that you will die young (they still promise and I am still here,liar's)and other.....The worst is that cigarette stink.For example you had a bath,put som pure flavoured clothes on you,you smell so lovely,and only one cigarette and that beautiful smell is gone.The same with hair....
Now I am looking forward on rum-it's friday:)
Kisses,Dhab =0*

demoneque01 said...

do you smoke now? meh your still fucking hot !! :O

Sherry said...

do you smoke now? meh your still fucking hot !! :O julianne xxx

Anonymous said...

It looks exactly like vanilla flavour from Ben & Jerry's ;P