Monday, May 19, 2008

What happened?

Last week has been nothing but a drastic change in my life.
I got so sick and tired one day of paying 47 Swedish Kronor (about €5) for a pack of smoke so I decided to cut down on them fags. Since last sunday I have had not more than 2 cigarettes a day. A big difference from 1 1/2 pack when I'm sober and more than 2 packs when I'm drunk. Now I only get the urge for a smoke after eating. 
I've also stayed away from alcoholic beverages since last sunday. I've been going to the gym already 4 times the last week and I'm going there tomorrow, wednesday and hopefully friday too.
I feel newborn but tired in a weird way. I'm used to the feeling of not getting enough sleep because of staying out way too late but now I'm just exhausted from "normal" things. I gotta try this more often.
I even went to the "LaPuma" (best band from Stockholm) release party today drinking nothing but a coffee.
My goal is to continue this in a way. I can't say that I'll stay sober all the time cause that would be wrong but I will definitely skip the smokes totally and continue my exercising cause it makes me feel a lot better. 
Now when I've written it here I guess there is no going back.

I'm really looking forward to Friday when my sweet Jeanette finally comes to visit again, I guess I get to try the drinking without smoking thing then ;-)
Wish me luck!


Miona said...

I am wishing you the best of luck! As long as you stay focused on your goal- you will be able to get there in no time. Soon it will feel like a normal everyday thing to you (going to the gym, etc.) So just believe in yourself and exercise your willpower- you can do it!! Cheers! / Miona

Deadly Nightshade said...

Good luck indeed.If you've already made up your mind and actually feeling better about it, then it won't be like a nightmare I'm sure.

djdake said...

This means stay away from me in other words...

Melliarine said...

Wow I would can make the same... Congratulation!!!