Monday, May 5, 2008


On Wednesday night at 10 o clock the train rolled in from Oslo with a special cargo containing my sweet Jeanette. Wednesday night means that our friend Damon DJ's at KGB, wednesday night also means a very good day for beer drinking so we headed for our friends at "The

Committee of State Security". After an attempt of flying down the stairs we decided to take a cab in order to get home.

On Thursday we put all our effort in being lazy, not walk further than from the bed to the couch and back. Watching several movies and various tv-shows. Quality day!!!

Friday on the other hand was more like other days. After a few drinks at home and getting ready we headed home to Whiplasher to celebrate his birthday, drink some wine and listen to pure P.A.R.T.Y. classics. We headed down to Garlic & Shots to meet up with Jonna (Whips sister) and Damon. Restless as we are we decided to hit the town, two taxis to Riche for one beer, a walk up to Harry B James where we won the metal-quiz and Whip got thrown out. The remaining parts of the crew left for ROCKS. 

Damon got a Vodka/Redbull served in a massive Créme Fraiche bucket. Saturday morning munchies started of and we left ROCKS for a "Tunnbrörulle" at the grill.

My dad called me at 11:30 AM on Saturday eager to meet up for a brunch at Mosebacke. 

Several hours later we finally managed to leave the couch and meet up with him. I had some work to do so Jeanette and Papa had a couple of beers before I joined in. We decided to show Jeanette my dads favorite pub, Tudor Arms where he's been on and off for the last 40 years. 

We had a very nice dinner with beverages before a long walk back through town, sightseeing is very important.

Back at work Jeanette got to see her first Hip/Hop concert. When time stroke 1:00 AM we were really tired and took the tube home.

Woke up on sunday morning, watched Boondock Saints. Jeanette packed her stuff and we headed for TGI Fridays in Kungsträdgården where we met up with Whiplasher, Elin and Damon. They played a song with the lyrics "Sunday means funday" and we got the urge for Carlsberg. 3 pints later I walked Jeanette back to the train that would take her to the airport. After saying goodbye I headed back to the gang. Took a cab up to Mosebacke where DaKe had his Sunday Chunk-club. I put an end to the night by finishing my glass and taking the tube home. Thanks everyone for a partyful weekend!


djdake said...

I believe your father´s been more off than on at the Tudor Arms through the years...

Skinny Disco said...

I've kindly asked him not to reveal too much about what's been going on there.

Jeanette Ersdal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeanette Ersdal said...

For ei herlig helg, storkoste meg!
Ha en skjønn dag vennen!

Koza Jeanette

Sabrina said...

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