Friday, May 9, 2008

Oslo Surprise

On Tuesday evening I decided to surprise Jeanette with an impulse visit.

Passed "Mosebacke" to set up everything for Wednesdays event. Sat down for a beer with Teddi the bar manager. He came up with the nice idea that I would bring a shot of J&D for his friend that works on Aker Brygge in Oslo. So he got the plastic foil and gave the poor shot glass a real good wrapping up.

We decided to visit our good friend Vladan "Grappa Horan" Gligorijevic at "Il Tempo" for a beer and a grappa.

At 9:30 PM I left the guys to their misery and headed downtown to catch the buss for Oslo.

Well on the bus I decided to watch a movie, "Streets of Fire" it was. First time I saw it and I from now on idolize Tom Cody the main character.  When the movie ended I found out that there was wireless internet on the bus, COOL!

I dozed off for a couple of hours and woke up 5:40 AM in Oslo. Walked up to my love and cuddled up beside her before she had to leave for work.

I woke up again around noon and walked out in the sun, passed my friend Kalle-Bus at "3 Brødre"... Actually I got stuck there for almost 4 hours drinking beer, reading the newspapers and getting seriously burnt in the sun.

Anette, Ingrid and Jeanette came by and we decided to buy some supplies and head off to Sofiebergs parken. 

Vibeke, Ulf, Helena and some other friends showed up in the park and it was really "koseligt". When it got too cold and we were out of beverages we went indoors to "Ryes" where me and Ulf hit the dance floor together. Where's the camcorders when you need them.

We continued to our local bar Elm Street. We didn't stay for long there since Kalle-Bus gave us the advice to go home, wonder why?

Thursday morning 9:00 AM! We found out the oven was on AGAIN, a bad habit we have to prove our cooking skills while being drunk and we fall asleep with the oven on.

Jeanette packed everything from the fridge in a backpack and we headed out for breakfast in a park. Not a cloud to be seen and the sun gazing on my poor pink skin. After a few hours in the sun we gave up and got back home for a power nap.

Woke up at 4:00 PM and walked down to Aker Brygge for a special J&D delivery. Our stomachs was screaming for dinner and we found a nice Asian Wok restaurant, ordered takeaway and sat down on a bench in the sun to eat.

We got home for a few hours of cuddling before it was time for me to jump back on the bus.

Here I am on the bus with another 5:30 hours until I'm back home again.

Part from the boring bus ride it was absolutely a well planned and successful journey.


djdake said...

nice to see you are using my old clothes...

LottaLove said...

Åh du har också blogg minsann! Jag med :)
Här ska läsas!