Friday, October 28, 2011

Updated tour schedule

02.11.2011 Göteborg @ Sticky Fingers (SE)
03.11.2011 Odense @ Kansas City (DK)
06.11.2011 Bratislava @ Zimny Stadion Ondreja Nepelu (SK) With Rammstein
08.11.2011 Zagreb @ Arena (CR) With Rammstein
10.11.2011 Budapest @ Sportarena HU) With Rammstein
12.11.2011 Prag @ O2 Arena (CZ) With Rammstein
14.11.2011 Danzig/Sopot @ Ergo Arena (PL) With Rammstein
15.11.2011 Danzig/Sopot @ Ergo Arena (PL) With Rammstein
17.11.2011 Leipzig @ Arena (D) With Rammstein
18.11.2011 Leipzig @ Arena (D) With Rammstein
19.11.2011 Lichtenfels @ Paunchy Cats (D)
21.11.2011 Friedrichshafen @ Rothaus Halle (D) With Rammstein
22.11.2011 München @ Olympiahalle (D) With Rammstein
23.11.2011 Wien @ Stadthalle (A) With Rammstein
25.11.2011 Berlin @ O2 World (D) With Rammstein
26.11.2011 Berlin @ O2 World (D) With Rammstein
28.11.2011 Hamburg @ O2 World (D) With Rammstein
29.11.2011 Bremen @ Arena (D) With Rammstein
30.11.2011 Groningen @ Vera (NL)
01.12.2011 Straßburg @ Zénith (F) With Rammstein
02.12.2011 Luxemburg @ Rockhal (LUX) With Rammstein
03.12.2011 Bochum @ Zeche (D)
04.12.2011 Düsseldorf @ ISS Dome (D) With Rammstein
05.12.2011 Düsseldorf @ ISS Dome (D) With Rammstein
06.12.2011 Düsseldorf @ ISS Dome (D) With Rammstein
08.12.2011 Frankfurt a. M @ Festhalle (D) With Rammstein
09.12.2011 Frankfurt a. M @ Festhalle (D) With Rammstein
10.12.2011 Stuttgart @ Schleyer-Halle (D) With Rammstein
11.12.2011 Romagnano Sesia @ Rock n roll arena (IT)
12.12.2011 Zürich @ Hallenstadion (CH) With Rammstein
14.12.2011 Berlin @ O2 World (D) With Rammstein
15.12.2011 Berlin @ O2 World (D) With Rammstein


Nightwind said...
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Nightwind said...

Why. Can't. I. Live. In. BERLIN?! Rammstein & Deathstars, two of my all time favorite bands, TOGETHER...and I can't see the concert! >_<

djrampage666 said...

Ooo see the new dates but then no UK, so I should be more petient, hope to see you guys soon over here.

Louise said...

What time are you playing at rocks tomorrow? Why are you just playing at 18 years clubs?!

Conversator said...


Conversations with RAMMSTEIN in german language:

If RAMMSTEIN are trading you guys unfair, then just remember and shout the following words to them:

" Ear side dog alley doomy Ozzy´s ! "

Skinny Disco said...


Hahaha! Vielen dank :)

Conversator said...


Ich sehe, Du benötigst keinerlei Ratschläge was deutsche Sprache abgeht! Sehr gut!

Alles Gute für die Tour!

Lisa said...

Ohh why not in Russia(

Emaleth_PL said...

i've been at ur concert in Sopot 2 days ago. THAT WAS AWESOME !!! i never thougth that's gonna be such a great show ! both bands: U and R+! i never heard ur band before but when i bought a ticket i was wondering who are The DeathStars. i looked in the internet and when i heard ur songs i said to myself "they are good, it's gonna be good show". but when i heard u live...OH MY GOD ! my friend was loughing at me that i was talking about u all the time :P u r great !! this band combination was like an armagedon for my mind :P i wish this day never end ;) i regret that u didn't play even one song more. but i'm happy that i took a photo with u :D (also regret not with all band and regret i didn't talk to u more when i had chance...but i'm happy enough ;)) that's gonna be best souvenir ;) i hope u'll come to Poland again :) or somwhere near just to hear and see u again :)!/photo.php?fbid=286104054762619&set=a.286104024762622.72826.100000890796214&type=1&theater
;) :P