Monday, October 31, 2011


I've been really busy the last couple of days. On friday I was DJing at Deadhead's Lounge after band-practice. On Saturday we had a release-party for "Greatest Hits on Earth" and a sneak-preview of the video for "Metal". I could only stick around for half an hour cause I was DJing at "This is Halloween". Unfortunately I didn't have time to dress up properly for the Halloween party so I settled with an old favorite, "Skinny bin Laden".

Yesterday we had a hang-over rehearsal and we're all pretty stressed about trying to find time to pack our bags and pay our bills cause there's still a lot of things that needs to be fixed.
 Skinny bin Laden @ This is Halloween

 Catastrophe Orchestra @ This is Halloween
Coffinshakers @ This is Halloween


djrampage666 said...

It's not all women, drink and rock and roll then Skinny, more like I have to be in two places at once, I am completley knackered,I am wearing my last set of clean clothes, Bloody hell I forgot to do this! F***K IT, lets get Pissed! :-)

SANDRASIXXX said... you want patches for the new jackets?


I read in twitter

Skinny Disco said...

What kind of patches? Do you have an example?

Anonymous said...

You need to release that video soon, My Dear Sirs!

nolight said...

Erindtez said...

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