Friday, October 7, 2011

New song titles revealed

We will release the brand new single „METAL“ on October 14, 2011 via iTunes. This is the song we just shot a video for in Belgrade.

„METAL“ is one of two new songs which will be featured on our upcoming best of compilation „The Greatest Hits On Earth“ which will be released physically and digitally on November 4, 2011 via Nuclear Blast! 

Both new songs showcase the future musical direction of our next album.

The tracklist reads as follows:

DEATHSTARS – The Greatest Hits On Earth

01. Death Is Wasted On The Dead (previously unreleased)
02. METAL (previously unreleased)
03. Death Dies Hard
04. Blitzkrieg
05. Motherzone
06. Synthetic Generation
07. Tongues
08. Blood Stains Blondes
09. Cyanide
10. New Dead Nation
11. The Mark Of The Gun
12. Chertograd
13. Semi-Automatic
14. Syndrome
15. Play God
16. Opium


Malin said...

ska bilden vara sjävla omsalget ? :)

Skinny Disco said...

Det är tänkt så tror jag ;-)

djrampage666 said...

Two new songs, good one mate. I don't know how you all fit your time in with all other comitments but can't wait. A logical move for the record label to release the album for the Ramstien tour. can I ask a favour if you do the 1st part of the tour and not the second can you hold a XL T-Shirt for me with the tour dates on the back or hold one if you do. I hope you can get me in if you come to Birmingham and able to see you guys, its been ages and miss my mates.

lightindarkness said...

Last Ammunition is missing - Whip will be sad :DDDD

thatmanrighthere said...

Can't wait for the new songs but I must be honest sticking them on a greatest hits is disappointment for me. Although I love the songs on it I do owe them a lot already (e.g I have NEN 3 times, NEN, NEN Gold and then it came with the Decade album (I'm a big fan what can I say :p). But personally the songs would have gone better with a live album . But that's just me being titchy, I can't wait for these new songs and the new video :) Hope all goes well on the tour.

Pig Andreas said...

i want now!
Send me this song in mail! THX my Swedish friend!

Milhouse said...

In my opinion, the song "Termination Bliss" is one of the greatest industrial metal ballads ever written. I miss it every time when I see you guys on stage. This song now is rejected on your greatest hits album, too.


I´m sure, I speak for all the people reading your Blog.


Evelyn said...

can't wait to buy it! Xox kisses from L.A!