Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Radio premiere for new single "METAL"

New single "METAL" will premiere at Bandit Rock today at 20.00 Listen to it here: http://webradio.bandit.se/webbradio/webbradio-bandit.php


Virág said...

Wow it's very good.It was worth to wait.:)

bam22 said...

already bought it : ) the least i could do for now i guess : p i swear, if i wont the lottery id give a good cut to deathstars just so you guys can play more and record more : p

djrampage666 said...

Good news, already got from itunes in the UK, would love to get the lyrics, it sounds just like the others that have had a big influence on me. Keep up the great work guys. Hope to see you Skinny and the rest of you next year. best wishes