Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rammstein tour, only one month left

Just to remind you guys. It's only one month left before the first show with Rammstein.
We will soon announce a few headliner shows so keep your eyes open.


Sam said...

Looking forward to it! x

Pig Andreas said...

:S i have 2 favorite band! JUST two! 1. RAMMS+EIN, 2. DEATHSTARS.
But the ticket is very expensive and so this is the mission imposible for me! But i want going to the show. blablabla

Alette said...

So happy 4 u guys!
I had the same problem as Pig Andreas.
This is the firts time in years i didn't bought a ticket for Rammstein.. ARGH..
Fortunaly you come to Groningen in the Netherlands. Defenitly going to be there!

djrampage666 said...

I hope to get to see you guys next year, missed you this year. Just have a great time doing the tour with Rammstien. Dean

Pig Andreas said...

historical event!

Anonymous said...

hey! will you guys gonna be in Latvia, Riga? at 7th February with rammstein tour as well??