Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Skinny & Cat doing guitars for VAIN

As you know I've been practicing guitar lately without telling you what for.

Well, me and Cat Casino are going on tour with cult band VAIN in Mars/April and we are really thrilled about this.
This is nothing permanent, Deathstars is still most active and we are currently writing new material.
Vain has been one of my favorite bands since I first heard them in the late 90's, even though they started almost a decade before that.
So I've dusted off my Gibson Flying V & I'm ready to rock n' roll.
Please help us spread the word in as many ways possible and I hope to see you on a show near you.


Pig Andreas said...

I understand it all. Good luck to you! I share a poster on myspace. Little help!

Psychobunny said...

Aha! That's why you've been so busy lately with the 6 strings. Have fun you guys. Pity you're not coming to Munich... *sigh*

Anonymous said...


AWESOME!!! I'm so there! seen vain once and with you guys it will be better!!

fivemagics said...

You so have it, "brother"!!

Lonely Moon said...

Oh, it's cool..really it's sorry that you with him didn't go to Russia

Jen ☣ Obscene said...

See you in Oslo! Can't fuckin wait!!! ;-D

Drusilla said...

Hey Skinny you cool dude. Loved the Vain set last nite at The Diamond, my second home.Heard you had a drinking session after...it's hard to keep up with Derwin. Get your asses back soon. How did the ghost haunt go? I'm fascinated by ghosts and haunted houses, Mel xx