Monday, February 21, 2011

DJing at Vampire Lounge... again


ObscuredTwilight said...

Do you have songs that you always play when DJing? If so what is? :D

Hope you have fun!


Anonymous said...

You almost live there.

Atte: Caesar From Mexico City.

Skinny Disco said...

It depends on where I'm DJing. For instance on Vampire Lounge I play a lot softer music so I always try to squeeze in songs like Go Your Own Way with Fleetwood Mac or Serenade with Steve MIller Band.
But if I'm in a rock club I like playing songs like Werewolf Women of the SS with Rob Zombie or Cowboy Way with Hellyeah.

But it really depends on the mood of me and the crowd.

Atropa said...

Thank you for mentioning Vampire Lounge every now and then. Would have never known it existed otherwise. Was in Stockholm mid-January and decided to check it out. My kind of place, except for the music. I mean, Britney Spears? Really?

ObscuredTwilight said...

Ooooh DJing sounds like a lot fun!
I wonder, do they just call you up saying they need a DJ or do you know the staff well enough to let you DJ? :)

And yay, I got meself some new bands to check out! Thanks Skinny!