Monday, February 28, 2011

Photo shoot with SLITZ

Just got back home from the SLITZ photo session and I think it turned out really well.
Looking forward to see the result.
Now I'm really thirsty for beer. Cheers everybody!


SKELETON said...

Isn't it uncomfortable, wearing those skinny jeans? It always looked uncomfortable to me. I can't wear them cause they squeeze my balls too tight.

Anonymous said...

Hey skinny I really REALLY need your help with my future. I've been searching music universities and I've found one that is called FERMATTA but is very expensive to the mexican economy, so I want to get sure that if I get in there, is going to be a good choice. Here in Mexico music is not a very good business so I want the very best education to get a good job in music after graduate.
And as you know you're a musician so I want to know what do you think about Fermatta and where or how did you study music because I want to work writing my own music and produce it too, like Nightmare do. So what do you recommend me to do?. Get in Fermatta or Get in the Escuela Superior de Mùsica, that is the very best school of music in the country but it's free so it's very very hard to get in.

Here are the links if you want to check them.

Atte: Caesar from Mexico City.

Psychobunny said...

Ah, so the photographer did show up this time. Hope you're going to share some of the goodies here. We had one office meeting after the other today so I guess I'm in for some red wine once I get home tonight. Not much of a beer drinker myself despite living in Bavaria *GG*

Anonymous said...

Hey Caesar!

Funny enough I am from Mexico too.

I am a musician and I know what you talk about. Don't bother, I did all the investigation myself. One thing, do you want to know the music industry and make money or just be a jazz player playing for 200 pesos?

Superior they make it impossible to get in and once you get there you just learn notes. I was there for a while and then run form the school.

I am studying currently at the Fermatta school and the one thing that is cool is classes with the master classes and I have music business class since day one. I was never teached how even much money you can get from writing a song, or what a royalty is, It is exciting and their teachers are very good. The building is good too and they have cool studios. It is different from the government ones and by far the best among the other private music schools in mexico. I see the diference in being in a school for profesionals that want to learn the industry and earn money, to the other one that is just for people that dont care to make money and remain loosers all their lives!