Friday, February 25, 2011


Todays photo shoot got postponed until Monday cause the photographer didn't show up.


Anonymous said...

What a bad mannered photographer. So what are you up to now?

Anyway I wish you a great weekend :)

Karin, Denmark.

Derae said...

Did you hear about the earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand? The only thing that helped me calm down immediately after the quake was cranking up the volume on my mp3 player, shutting my eyes and blasting Deathstars music until my friend managed to pick me up from Uni. In some of the worst areas there were cars sunk half way into holes in the roads and water flooding the streets knee deep. (Btw, I'm the girl who gave you guys the DS logo necklaces at the Brisbane gig)

Psychobunny said...

Bah, how unprofessional is that? Some people so have no manners.

SKELETON said...

Wow. That's way to unprofesional for a photographer who's doing photo shoots for world famous bands. I mean if he's good enough to do a photo shoot for Deathstars, he better be a pro. By the way Skinny, do you have any tips on starting a band? I want to start a Nu-Metal band. I need some help.