Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I recommend!

Lately I've been listening a lot to this amazing Norwegian Punk/Black Metal Band.
They are playing in Stockholm tomorrow and I'm hoping to see them.
If you follow the link to YouTube, I realized that the sound was much better than through my blog. Strange...

What is your favorite band/song right now?

Kvelertak - Offernatt


Corvus said...

wow! I like that alot! Thanks! :)

bam22 said...

im gonna have to say thanks aswell skinny, new music to buy finally : p

in response to your question i would say the song i am most digging at the moment is in my dreams by dark funeral followed with stigmata, favorite band at the moment?? i cant really say, however i can say tho Ive just been on a black metal binge lately lol : P speaking of, next up mayhem : p

Anonymous said...

Destination Hell, Turbonegro. Not new, but such a blast...
Thanks for the advice!

fivemagics said...

:O THIS SONG IS GOING TO RATTLE MY WINDOWS A COUPLE MORE TIMES! *sigh I live in the wrong part of the world*

Psychobunny said...

Ha, those guys sound good! Right now I switch between Crashdiet and 69 Eyes depending on my mood. Good thing they're gonna tour together this year *G*

Johanne said...

I saw Kvelertak at Hove last summer, they were amazing!! Right now I can't stop singing on Helloween's My Sacrifice...

Pig Andreas said...
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Pig Andreas said...

Hola Skinny!

I have 2 favorite bands!
1. Rammstein. the cool song is Ich to dir weh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZJHTlIitYY

2. Deathstars. And a numberone is a http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwkfIAkKsPc :P

Hey Skinny! Morning electric Morning! muahaha. And have nice day!

Fawkface said...

That song was really good! I'll have to check out more by them when I have time.

My favourit songs at the moment must be 'Mental Maelstrom' and 'You Put A Hex On Me' by Mortiis and 'Deathstar Rising' by Before the Dawn.

Have a nice day!

alvaro ramos said...

I recomend to you listen to Eluveitie, if you like folk metal is very cool. there's a good european band named Mestsatoll, it is good to. these are my two sugestions

Anonymous said...

Great song, really nice recommendation!

In response I will recommend 2 songs.
1.Armless Alice - Where the stars grow. (www.myspace.com/armlessalice)
2.Goon Moon - Applepie (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9f0l4djubOM)

Have a great one and everyone should keep their eyes open for the next Deathstars album! *thumbs up* ^^

Mephorash said...

My favourite song is Nephal- The seat of pan-daimon By nightbringer
And also skinny! Om du gillar svensk black/death metal kanske du ska kolla in vårt band


Vi är några grabbar på runt 16 år!
Cat casino tyckte det lät "svintufft" som han kallade det.

Henriette said...

Hello Skinny
To answer your question
· · Deathstars "Decade Of Debaughery"
· · Depeche Mode "Touring The Angel Live from Aarhus stage 7th June 2006" which was a fantastic concert
Back to "Decade Of Debaughery" why are the lyrics to "Black Medicine", "Division X" and "Our God the drugs" not in the (little) book that always comes with the CDs you buy and I underline buy.
Is this the way to reward your fans that are buying your CDs, clothes etc?
Could you not put the lyrics on your official website, on MySpace or Trig.

Ha det gott!

Kat said...

-Deathstars (Blitzkrieg)
-Rammstein (Rosenrot)
-Samael (Slavocracy)