Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The men of my dreams

Fantastic show as always.
I got the new album and the banjo player Don "Wayne" Reno offered his services for the next Deathstars album... Muahaha!


Anonymous said...

Next Deathstars album?! :D

Silmarwen said...

NOOOO, a banjo in your next album nooo. LOL!

Skinny Disco said...

Hehe! I guess not, but it was hilarious that he wanted to ;-)

kazofblood said...

the dark banjo. hum that make a good book lol

Silmarwen said...

Really hilarious Skinny!
But for a moment I belived it, becouse i know your banjos´s passion.


Paperdollx said...

Ahah, I wouldn't even outright dismiss the idea of a deathglam banjo! It would sure be original ;D

Also, hope the gig was awesome. I'd really love to see the Dixie magic live some time!

Anonymous said...

next album? yay, right so!
well, deathstars + banjo must sounds funny and I can't imagine but - yes - why not? xD