Sunday, May 30, 2010

Adios Buenos Aires

Yesterday was an amazing day in many ways. Great meat, great crew, great venue and most importantly GREAT crowd.
Big up's to Max, Romy and Lucy for taking good care of us.

We have just arrived in Sao Paulo for the last show of this latin tour.
This night will be the first night in 3 days when we get to sleep in a bed instead of a plane chair. And we get to sleep just as long as we want.
But first soundcheck and then we'll put on a killer show.


Tina said...

May I add that you and the guys were GREAT too? I made it to the front row, right in front of you. (Remember your crazy chicks? Yeah, one of those.) I snapped some pretty cool pics too.

Pure awesomeness. Come back soon, this great crowd will be waiting for you! ;)

Dani Cunha said...

Welcome to Sao Paulo ... See you later ... A Big Kiss.

Wedie Vinyard said...

Thanks Thanks thanks!!!!!!
The yesterday's show was a dream come true to me and to all deathstars fans!!

Incredible sound, incredible show, skinny you especially transmitting incredible strength

like tina says: Pure awesomeness. Come back soon, this great crowd will be waiting for you! ;)

Kyandee Horikku said...

I had so much fun yesterday in the Buenos Aires' concert!
i'm really happy that i got to met you and i could took a picture with you :)
you're really adorable, you know?

i hope you enjoyed the meat and being here even though it was for a short time.

Kurara said...

Thank's for the great show yesterday (BsAs, Argentina)!

it's a pitty u didn't know spanish and it's a pitty most people here didn't understand your english (i did understand all the things u say....... sone nice, some rude u_U).

Anyway, sure we do not enjoy the fact that u aren't coming here for a long time . LOL

have a nice tour! =)


Tattius said...

Thank you sooooo much for the show last night in Buenos Aires! It was awesome!
I hope you come soon, cause I wanna see you again :)

Skinny you are too nice, I was in front of you and I felt your good energy.

Kisses, and come back soon, don't forget us! ;)

Azariel said...

thank you very much for agreeing to take a picture with me! never forget what you're great!