Sunday, May 23, 2010

Go Sweden

Me and Cat are sitting in a sportsbar at the Düsseldorf airport watching Sweden vs Germany in hockey. Sweden/Germany 2-1... so far.


kazofblood said...

go sweden >^.^<

Anonymous said...

Any konserts in swe soon ?

Nyssa Damoskinos said...

Congrats to 3rd place!

And WE WON!!! :-) The Czechs confirmed that they are the best! We are 1st, Russians are 2nd. The play was awesome and after few damned hot minutes before the end (russian power play 6:3) we sent them back to home with tears in their eyes :-)

Skinny Disco said...

07.06. SE Stockholm Gröna Lund
10.07. SE Gävle Getaway
17.07. SE Kristianstad Tivoli Rock

Skinny Disco said...

Congrats Damoskinos, you deserved it.

Anonymous said...

The Czechs is the best!!!!!!
But Sweden is not bad.
But Czechs is Czechs.