Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Finally in Mexico

Yesterday we arrived in Mexico City at 7:45 PM local time after 20 hours of traveling.
The hotel was really nice and we had time to meet up with our mexican hombre, William and his friends for a couple of beers.
He came with a lot of gifts for us, which of course made us super happy.
Now we're getting ready to go to the venue for soundcheck.
I wonder what this day has to offer.


Psychobunny said...

Damn, I envy you lot. I'm sitting here listening to the rain outside, great *grumps* Send some sun over to Munich if you please and have fun tonight!

a said...

Köpte precis en hollisterjacka i NY!

a said...

Det va jag (johan kangur)
som lämnade kommentaren ovan :)

kerosene said...

Nice to know, Skinny!!
I hope u have a nice stay and can enjoy the few time u have here.
By the way, "Indio" beer is cool if u have time to taste one. See ya in a couple of hours at the concert :)

Adriana said...


You were amazing @ Mexico!!
I fucking love you!
I really loved that show..

haha that was amazing! :)

You are all awesome.

Skinny you are amazing! ;)

Hope see you here soon!
Greetings from Mexico. <3

Gaby said...

Hi Skinny!
you were awesome at México!
the show was really amazing! i loved it!
i hope that you taste the mexican beer ;) and you like it!
I hope you come back to Mexico very soon!
You rules Skinny ;)

William said...

I was wondering if we can do it again for next week!! Would be GREAT!!! ;) lol :P
Everything was Fantastic man!!! THANK to You n' Jeanette very mutch, U are awesome persons n' friends!! hope U liked the T-shirt!!
Have a good travel to Chile!
Klemmer min vennen!!