Thursday, August 14, 2008

Under the weather?

Just because the summer left us in Stockholm doesn't mean you have to stay home and play with your navel.

On Monday my friend Matte "Driderit" Eliasson came to visit. We hung out at Mosebacke and finished off the night at Kelly's.

A long walk on Tuesday summed up the most important sightseeing. In the afternoon Matte went to see an old friend and I went to meet up with my sister with boyfriend and my mother with boyfriend at KGB. Mom and Erland left pretty early so I kidnapped the rest of the gang to show them Vampire Lounge, Koh Phangang and Pet Sounds Bar.

I met up with Matte again on Wednesday afternoon and we went down to the studio to contribute with some "Hey, hey!" choirs for the album. After that we went to see Backyard Babies at Skansen. Thanks to Dregen we got in for free and enjoyed the afternoon with beer in our hands. We didn't stay to watch Takida but went down to Tyrol where Backyard had their Release party for their new album. 
Yet a wet night helped out for not shining like the sun today.

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Vee said...

Wow you've had a busy week :)
Go Skinny! XD